Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Connections!!!  You can't get better than

 this for 50 Cents!


Today is the 14th wedding anniversary of two of our dear friends and it made me a bit nostalgic.  While my friends Jane and Tom are married for 14 years and my husband and I will be married for 22 years in  a couple of weeks, Jane and I will celebrate 30 years of friendship this December.  This is such a momentous occasion because I "bought" Jane for 50 cents when I was in grade school.  No, it's not what you're thinking.  I had the opportunity to get a pen-pal.  Back then (in 1981), a domestic pen-pal cost 25 cents and an international one cost 50 cents.  Well, 50 cents not only got me a pen-pal but a friend for life.  Jane is from England and during grade school and high school we wrote back and forth with all the juicy details of teenage girls.  We learned about each other's families, friends, and customs, but the thought of ever meeting seemed an impossibility.


As adults that impossibility turned into a wonderful reality.  Jane and Tom came to visit my husband and I a couple of years after we were married.  It was their first trip to the United  States and the first time we ever set eyes on each other (except for pictures sent through the mail).  What an exciting experience that was and what a great bond we formed.  We promised Jane and Tom that when they got married we would take the trip "across the pond" and join them at their wedding.  Years passed by and when the time came for them to get married we couldn't get our passports fast enough, and  what an honor it was when Jane asked me to do a reading at church for them during their wedding ceremony.  We had a terrific time, met wonderful people, saw beautiful scenery and made memories to last a life time. 


Since then, the four of us made trips "across the pond" to visit each other once more, but that was over 10 years ago now.  But like any true friendship even though there are many, many miles between us, the heart of a friend is always close by. 


And as far as investments go that 50 cents has

yielded a priceless return!

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