Thursday, May 26, 2011

Emergency Room 101

Sitting in the emergency room the other night with my nose bleeding akin to something that resembled Niagra Falls (minus the beauty and all that),  Harper Lee's quote  "Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing," popped in my head. No, I wasn't thinking about how much I loved to read right then; I was thinking about how much I love to breathe and how I do take that for granted.

My nose had been bleeding for an hour before we decided to seek medical attention.  My husband drove to the hospital while I tried not to mess up the car.  I was delighted that the ER waiting room was not crowded...just a couple of would be available soon!!!

I guess what constitutes an emergency depends on what side of the counter you are on.  I know I am not aware of what was going on behind closed doors and there may have very well been people in there in need of medical attention more than me, but I don't know how much blood one could lose before you get bumped up in the line.  It was two hours later, nose still bleeding like a sieve, resembling something in a horror movie,  that I finally got called into a room. 

The doctor had a great bedside manner.  As he looked at my gushing nose he calmly looked at me and said, "Oh, you have a bit of a nose bleed."  I would have laughed if I could have.  I guess it's better than if he walked in and screamed, "Aaggghhhh...that's a lot of blood!!!!"  He nicely plugged my nose with an item that resembled a feminine hygiene product and blew it up like a balloon.  The bleeding did stop and so did the rest of my breathing.  First I couldn't breathe because of the blood, now I couldn't breathe because I had a stopper in my nose. 

The good news is... now the worst is behind me and thankfully I'm beginning to breathe again. 

The bad news is...if what I got was quick rapid response care that took over 2 hours while I sat there bleeding and bleeding, I can only imagine what will happen if Obamacare actually goes into effect.  God help us all.

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