Sunday, May 1, 2011

How ironic life is...earlier tonight I watched a concert that I took part in where the second half was patriotic songs with one whole section dedicated to our men and women in the armed forces.  It brought back memories of an article I wrote shortly after 9/11.  I was deciding what would be a good day to post the article on my blog...Then this evening when I read the news that Osama Bin Laden was dead, I thought this is the perfect day.

The Bond That Keeps This Nation Together
I am an American!  I have always been proud to be an American, but on September 11, 2001 the idea of being an American changed for me.  Now, when I here patriotic songs, I stand a little taller (often with tears in my eyes).  When I say the Pledge of Allegiance I say it with more feeling and frequently think of those people who no longer have the opportunity to do so, not to mention those who have the opportunity to say our Pledge, but refuse to do it.  I no longer take my freedom or my security for granted.  What I do realize is the importance of remaining united as a country.  There is an old phrase that a chain is as strong as its weakest link.  The same can be said of a nation.  The strongest link that holds America together is its citizens and their ideals.
There are many times throughout our nation's history when our Americanism has been attacked.  There are people who would like nothing better than for America and its ideals to cease to exist.  We must ask ourselves why?  Why would anyone want a country whose ideals are founded on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to go away?  Why would anyone want a country who allows people the freedom to practice their own religion, choose their own job, and go about their daily lives basically without restraint to go away.  The answer lies in the idea of having freedom. There are so many countries throughout the world today that are not free.  Some people from these countries long to come to America to enjoy our freedoms, while others would rather mock us and try to eliminate us and our believes in the process.  We Americans must show unity in our conviction that having freedom in our way of life.  There are brave Americans, both home and abroad, that continuously fight for this right to be free and to protect us from the tyrannical forces around us.  If our freedom is taken away from us, we lose part of ourselves as a nation.
Countries that hold down their citizens through the power of their government, in essence, hold down their people.  America, on the other hand, helps its citizens to recognize their potential, not to hold them down.  The result is that America is a very prosperous nation.  We have the power and the opportunity to explore the limits  of our minds whether it be in technology, finance, science, or any other area where innovations are possible.  Literally, as American, the sky is the limit.  By individuals working  alone, as well as, by our citizens pulling together, America has become one of the most powerful and resourceful nations in the world.
In our short history, we have proven that as a determined people who are proud, united, courageous and free, we have achieved a multitude of successes.  Because of this, we have to be ever mindful that there are people who are ready and willing to try and change America as we know it.  We Americans must show our continued unity, loyalty, and love of country and be vigilant in creating the cohesive bond that makes our nation's chain one that cannot be broken.
Lisa Tortorello

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  1. Great reminder Lisa. I am so thankful to live here, in the great United States of America! We may face tough times, but because of this country and the grace of God, we never lose hope. We have everything we need at our fingertips, every ingredient for success. All we have to measure and mix correctly! Have a blessed day!