Saturday, June 18, 2011

For Father's Day...

I posted this last month, but being Father's Day Weekend, I thought it was appropriate to reprint it! Happy Father's Day !

My Grandpa's Hands...

I was blest with a wonderful grandfather who was truly the inspiration for my book and I was thinking that who he was can best be described by his hands...

When he was just a teen, Grandpa was in WWII. As a Veteran his hands were that of a survivor, his hands were protecting, his hands were American.

When he had his own business and used his jeweler hands, my grandfather was artistic, creative, and delicate;

When Grandpa was at home using his farmer hands, they were hard-working and strong;

When it was time for his golfer hands (and he loved those hands) they were gripping , focused, and determined;

As a family man, Grandpa's hands were always loving, dedicated, and generous;

Once he became a grandfather his hands were supporting, comforting, and fun;

And when he used his DING DONG hands (my favorite) they were truly caring, silly, one of a kind, and always Young at Heart!

Lisa Tortorello 5/2011

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