Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The rest of the story...I PUT OUT

It was brought to my attention that shortly after the incident explained below, a teacher explained to the mom why her daughter was required to turn her shirt inside-out.  Mom's claim was that she had no idea what the shirt meant (regardless of the fact that wearing shirts with writing on it is not part of the school uniform anyway). So, for clarification, the teacher explained what "I put out" means to mom...Her next reaction...she had NO idea that that was the meaning of that phrase and they get so many free t-shirts anyway, she didn't even think about what was on there. 

Who else hears the B.S. meter ringing loudly on this one?

Original Post:
I PUT OUT...was on the t-shirt the fourth grade girl wore to school.  As I walked down the hallway, my mouth was agape as I read the words stretched across the front of the child's shirt.  I quickly mentioned this to a colleague of mine only to be told that this girl was her student.  The mother, a very active member of our school community, was in the school as well that morning but said and did nothing.  This shouldn't surprise me anymore, but it still does.  My colleague told the girl she must  turn the shirt inside out because it was inappropriate and could not be worn in school.  Without much protest, the girl did so before going into the classroom that morning...

I don't know if it began with Bill Clinton, but he certainly played a huge part in the crumbling of our morality once he said it all depends on what the definition of is is and the majority of the country accepted his outrageous lies and behavior! I know he was not the first to have a sex scandal and he definitely was not the last...just look in the last few months we have Arnold Shwarzenegger and now the latest in low-life deviant behavior with Anthony Weiner.  These people with power are arrogant and in our faces.  They apologize on camera and the only thing they are really sorry for is that they actually got caught.   As the people for whom these politicians work, we should be demanding that they leave office and not by resigning.  They should be fired!  We as Americans need to show our  outrage.  I know many of us are, but that's not what is being reported on the news.

Day after day I have to remind our young children on such things as modesty and having respect for oneself.  I see 10-12 year olds wearing clothes that leave nothing to the imagination. In some cases, I have to tell them to cover themselves up.  They look at me as if I just came out of a cave.

If people in authority and with power don't take their vows seriously, don't take their oaths seriously, and know there are no consequences for their actions, it's no wonder the kids today have the same attitude. 

As for the girl with the t-shirt...I feel sorry for her...whether she knows what "I put out" means or not, where is the adult supervision?  Who is there to  tell her that she is making a reputation for herself with advertising like that?  Who is there to tell her NO.  Who is going to be responsible? 


  1. .....Who is there to tell her NO.....

    Not Mommy, for sure. When the kid gets jumped and raped, Mommy will cry.

  2. I agree, that is definitely not an appropriate shirt, if I wore it my husband would write "big liar" on the back of the shirt :) Seriously though, today's youth does not have the same values we did as children. I am raising my children to be respectful not only to themselves but to others as well. However, it makes it harder now that the kids are all connected-my kids feel as if they are not "the same" as other kids their age.

  3. As my husband and I look to planning our own family, there are pieces of my brain that hope I am blessed with a family of ALL boys! I shudder to think what my 16-year old girl will want to wear in the future. Of course, I want my children to feel socially accepted and "cool" with a group of friends who love and accept them for who they are. But if that means that they need to dress like 35-year old streetwalkers, I have a feeling we'll be arguing quite a bit! I'm sure all girls go through the "growing up" phase of arguing with their mothers about what's "cool" versus what's appropriate (I know I did!) but it scares me to think that someday my daughter will come down the stairs in a mini-mini-mini skirt and a shirt that says "I put out." I really feel for moms right now who are fighting these battles and I can only hope that by the time MY kids are in their teens, the pendulum will have swung back to a more conservative and age appropriate place. Keep fighting the good fight, Lisa... these kids need advocates like you to show them how real women dress with self-respect and confidence without having to lower themselves to skanky clothing and trashy morals.

  4. I don't have kids but I know exactly you are talking about. But the question is how did we all get here? Of course these kids have no role models. In the name of freedom we abuse freedom. If we admire living a free style life like animals then thats what we will become.

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