Friday, June 24, 2011

Knock, Knock...Who's There??? It's YOUR TEACHER! (Give me a break!)

CPS doesn't want to have its citizens of Chicago focusing on the real issue at hand...

With one hand, the Chicago Board of Education had NO PROBLEM rescinding a contractual 4% raise for its school teachers while wanting teachers to work more days with no extra pay (because we all have to sacrifice). 

While with the other hand, the same Chicago Board of Education voted for their top executives to get substantial raises (one of which was an increase of over $40,000).  The same mayor who believes teachers should do more for less, stated that these executives will have more responsibilities and therefore agreed that they deserve more pay. 

While that is the real issue at hand, yesterday the new CEO stated that he'd like to see more school days added to the calendar and see teachers make house calls to the students and parents. That would be one more hat the teachers have to wear.
We already have the following:

The"chef" hat insuring students get breakfast and lunch at school,

the "nurse" hat since this coming year we will be expected to administer the Epi-pen if students have an allergic reaction to something (for example, the food that they're getting),
 the "doctor" hat when expected to make recommendations about students who need eyeglasses,

the "babysitting" hat because they want the schools opened longer but not necessarily for learning during those hours,

the "teacher" hat (if you're lucky to wear that for part of the day),

and now the "social worker" hat being expected to make house calls. 

To quote the news article, "Brizard, speaking at a news conference with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, suggested CPS teachers and staff should be assigned home visits in an attempt to get public school parents more involved in their children's education."  How about those same parents coming to school for Parent-Teacher conferences, sitting down and making sure their children's homework is being done each night, making sure they are getting food and sleep and discipline when necessary.  Those parents that do all those things don't need teachers to come to their home because they are already involved in their children's life.  Those that don't need to start being parents first to their children and let the teachers do their job and EDUCATE them.

Now I think I'll go enjoy my hard-earned non-paid summer vacation!
Click the link to read newspaper article in its entirety.  Brizard: CPS Teachers Should Make Home Visits


  1. Doesn't sound like you should be a teacher! Sounds like you need to look for a job where you clock in, work mindlessly for your 8 hour shift, and clock out. Teaching isn't that!

  2. @Anonymous 4:52- I have been a teacher for over 20 years and I know what teaching is...I go in early, give 100% all day, and take work home. All part of the job...I also know what teaching isn't...teaching isn't being the parent and teaching isn't fostering students to become dependent on government systems. We should be trying to teach our students to be successfully educated independent citizens!

  3. Nicely stated Lisa Tortorello! I am a teacher and a parent and and I take pride in my students academic achievements and I take "responsibility" for my own children when it comes to feeding, clothing, educating, entertaining,helping, medicating, consoling, etc. Etc. When I gave birth to my children, no one informed me that once they reached school age they would be provided for by the school system. Just curious if the above commenter meant to imply that everyone who works an 8hour shift is working mindlessly. I'm also curious to see whether or not my Dr. Will stop by to check on me when I foget to get a check up or whether the girl at the check out counter will swing by my house when I foget to pick up milk, or when the Mayor will stop in just to say hi and check on my well-being. At what point do we accept responsibility for our own actions? Thanks Lisa for the reminder that I am on "summer vacation ". I am officially taking off my teacher hat and getting started on my lesson plans ( ;

  4. @Anonymous 10:20 Thanks for such a great response and enjoy your vacation! Don't think about lesson plans until at least mid-August! :)