Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mother Nature Wins Again!

The sun was shining as I dragged myself out of bed yesterday morning.  My husband was turning up the radio to better hear the weather forecast.  I listened to the radio and looked out the window.  The weather they  were describing was certainly not what we were seeing.  By the end of the report it was clear that there were storms brewing and flying through the Chicagoland area  at a very fast clip.  We turned on the TV and even the lady at WGN said their lights were blinking and the outside shot from their studio looked like the dark of night.

Since the sun was still shining through my windows I decided we had nothing to worry about, but within 15 minutes day turned to night and the wind picked up with a vengeance.  I decided I should shut down my computer should there be a power surge.  No sooner did I click the "shut down" button and walk out of the room the lights went out.  

That was the beginning of our day as pioneers.  We got our "old fashioned" land-line phone out and called the electric company only to hear a message that over 800,000 people are without electric and it could be several days before everyone's electricity is restored. 

 Out came the coolers and a trip to the store to get ice and lots of it but not before having to get into the garage which was like being on a jungle gym to manually open the door.

Once our food was secure in the coolers there wasn't much to do but wait.  We went outside, visited with neighbors and found out being without electric was nothing compared to a few of our neighbors who now had trees on their roofs.  We ate out of our coolers and it was warm enough in the house now to pretend it was a picnic but not nearly as much fun.  Finally as night was approaching, I sat down to read and fell fast asleep. 

About an hour later, I was startled awake by odd noises.  I looked around and realized what those odd noises were...the hum of my neighbor's air conditioner, the refrigerator motor, and voices from the TV that had been on earlier this morning!  Yea!  We got our electric back and it took  about 13 hours instead of days.  I was re-energized now knowing we would not have to be pioneers any longer.


  1. Haha, can you imagine it takes effort to live a simpler life?!

  2. You know you're right Marja! Simpler should be easier, but we're sooooo spoiled!