Saturday, July 23, 2011

Part Two of Other People's Money

I would say here's "the rest of the story", but it's probably just the next chapter... The principal from the CPS school who threw away perfectly good school supplies because they were "taking inventory" and wanted to see what they had was told to go empty the dumpster and get out all those supplies. 

But, as usual, just like any beauracracy...we can't just deal with the situation at hand, we have to make a BIG problem out of it.  Let me say I believe what this principal did was absolutely WRONG and she should have to answer for it, but now new CEO "Bizarre"  is stating that there might be an "organizational shake-up" next week. What could that mean?...  A new committee to oversee school supplies, more paper-work to fill out; whatever that "shake-up" will entail, I am sure it will just make it harder for teachers and students to have the basic supplies needed in their classrooms.

If CPS wants to cut waste and cost, they should check out the dumpsters after free breakfast and lunch is passed out each day!  Now there's a crisis!

(Listen to the video at approximately 2:30)

CPS Superintendent Promises Change in Policy for Handling Unused School Supplies

Updated: Friday, 22 Jul 2011, 9:18 PM CDT
Published : Friday, 22 Jul 2011, 6:41 PM CDT
By Dane Placko, FOX Chicago News
Chicago - The head of Chicago’s public schools said he was angered after watching FOX Chicago’s report Thursday night on unused school supplies being tossed in the trash.

CPS Superintendent Jean Claude Brizard spoke on FOX Chicago Sunday, and promised some changes in how school supplies are handled.
We found thousands of dollars worth of unopened school supplies and books in a dumpster behind the Northwest Middle School in Chicago’s Belmont-Cragin neighborhood.

The materials had been tossed by the school's principal, who said she needed to clean out their inventory.

That new directive about returning unused school supplies went out to principals in an e-mail Friday, and a formal letter will be sent next week.
Northwest Middle School Dumps Thousands in School Supplies | Originally reported by:

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