Thursday, August 25, 2011

2 Percent Minus 2 Percent = Zero

I guess the separation of Church and State only applies when it's convenient because as stated in the news this morning.... Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel will meet with 200 religious leaders about having a longer school day in the city.   I'm sure this will turn out to be one big hug fest at Cellular Field this morning. 
How that longer school day would work, hasn't been discussed in great detail yet.  There is talk of art and music teachers...great! But in most schools that means they'd have to hire those teachers, the same teachers they can't afford to pay already.  What about the operating costs of keeping schools open longer?  Longer recess time was mentioned too (which is really a way to babysit children so they're not on the streets in the afternoon.)  Again, they have money for that in the budget?  Of course they do, they just raised your property tax! 

Now Brizard and Emanuel propose to give teachers a 2% raise for 90 more minutes of work each day and 2 weeks longer at the end of the year equal to approximately 16,300 more minutes, or 272 hours, or 39 more days of work a year for what amounts to less than minimum wage.  To top it all off this little tid-bit below has not been discussed in the news recently..

In January of this year, payroll taxes were cut by two percent. The payroll tax cuts, like the Bush tax cuts, had an expiration date. That date was originally six months, but was extended to one year. If this cut is not extended, payroll taxes will rise to their normal rates in January 2012.

Is this just a coincidence?...I think not.  There is a very good possibility that teachers won't get anything but the shaft.

Teachers are the demons of today, but they'll be coming after your jobs and contracts tomorrow!

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