Friday, August 5, 2011

Cherry Chip Cake...In Memory of Your Birthday, Ding

If my grandpa were alive today, he would have turned 90 years old!  I can imagine him still on his farm taking a swim in his pool!  Unfortunately he died in 1991, but many memories I have of him are as if they just happened.  Today a memory popped up that I did not include in my book....The topic is CHERRIES!

Whenever my grandparents were given a box of Fannie May candy Grandpa and I used to compete to see who could find the chocolate covered cherry first.  I especially loved the two-pound box of candy because we were guaranteed one chocolate covered cherry on each level of candy.  Whoever would find the chocolate covered cherries first would quickly pop them in their mouth and savor the flavor.  Grandpa quite often won and after years of competing he showed me a Fannie May secret.  The chocolate covered cherries had a fancy "C" dripped in chocolate on their top. wonder I very seldom won! 

Maraschino Cherries were also a kiddy favorite and whenever we'd be out for dinner and the grown-ups would have an adult beverage, I'd often have a Kiddie Cocktail!  Grandpa always made sure the waitress would put extra Maraschino Cherries in my drink. 

I returned the favor on Grandpa's birthday.  For a couple of years in a row, my sister baked a cake for my grandma's birthday and I baked one for Grandpa's. I have never been a culinary master (to say the least), but I was able to read the directions on the box cake mix and buy already-made frosting.  With our love of cherries, I decided that a Cherry Chip Cake would be the perfect way to go.  Once the cake was baked I added a special surprise before putting on the frosting....I surreptitiously poked holes in the sides of the cake and ever-so-carefully filled in those holes with Maraschino Cherries, (without the stems, of course). If a few cherries were a good idea then LOTS of cherries were even better. I then frosted the cake and looked lovely.  But the taste...well, I remember when the cake was finally cut, some places were a little more moist (read soggy) because of the juice from the cherries, but overall the cake was edible.  I know it would never win a prize in a bake-off, but grandpa enjoyed it (the thought of it, anyway) which is all that really mattered!

What are your special memories today?