Thursday, August 18, 2011

No Money for You!

Rahm Emanuel must be thrilled to have contact with people who are just willing to give millions and millions of dollars to him for the city of Chicago.

  • It's just unfortunate though that he is still planning to go ahead and raise property taxes for homeowners to the maximum extent allowed by law.
  • It's just unfortunate that he "has money" for his projects but has "NO money" to pay the teachers their negotiated 4% contractual raise. 
  • It's just unfortunate that with all of his recent donations, windfalls, loans, or whatever he'd like to call them he's not even thinking about putting money in  the city's pensions  that the CITY has been derelict in funding for so many years.  Every city worker has put in their agreed upon part for their pension, but the CITY has not. 
  • It's just unfortunate that the city must now pay about 40 millions dollars for a politically correct lawsuit for the Chicago Fire Department for claims that the test given in 1995 was "unfair" against African Americans.  It was never reported what was "unfair" about it, but the TAXPAYERS are now going to foot the bill.  And now that they've won, there is a second lawsuit pending by women because the Firefighter's Physical Agility Test is too hard.  Well, boo hoo, if you can't do the job, I certainly don't want you to come to my house in an emergency situation.  But...if they'll be the TAXPAYER that gets it again.

Oh....they don't have money for any of that...

BUT they do have money for this...

Emanuel now has millions of dollars to give principals "merit" pay and millions more to target housing foreclosures in some of the most crime-ridden areas of Chicago

And I wonder how much Emanuel's latest move will cost us in order to "save" us more money! Click Link for more... City hires Accenture with hopes of saving $25 million on contracts

It's just unfortunate!

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  1. In these times of economic distress, automatic pay increases are outrageous. 95% of Americans DO NOT receive automatice pay raises. No sympathy from us for you on that issue.