Wednesday, August 3, 2011

P.S.A. on License Plate Stickers

Don't let the directions fool you!  We just paid our exorbitant fee for our state license plate sticker and last year (for the first time) we followed all of their directions.  After cleaning the license plate and drying it correctly, we placed the new 2011 sticker over the previous year's.  The CAUTION clearly states that once it's applied "it cannot be removed without destroying it".  With some unscrupulous people around that seemed like a good thing.  Anyone who tries to steal the sticker (which has been known to happen) would be greatly disappointed. 

Well now it's time for the 2012 sticker and we decided it was time to scrape off the two old stickers and start fresh, and it's a good thing we did.  My husband expected to have the sticker come off in little pieces because "it cannot be removed without destroying it". But, to our surprise...1-2-3...the whole sticker came off in one solid piece. The only thing that got slightly ruined was the 2010 sticker underneath.

So, just as a precaution....Don't believe everything you read and make your life easier by scraping and cleaning off all old license plate stickers.  Then use a razor blade and make cross-cuts on the sticker itself.  (We did this every year but last year, but now we have learned our lesson!) That way no one can get the sticker off in one piece...guaranteed!

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