Sunday, August 7, 2011

Read My Lips...I did, and they said, "BOHICA"!

The following days will prove to be interesting.  Just 6 months ago our new mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel stated he will NOT raise property taxes.  The following video is dated February 23, 2011. If you listen at the 1 minute mark you'll see his comments on this.

Now that his newly hand-picked school team suggested not only to raise property taxes, but to raise them to the "maximum amount allowed by law", how soon will it be before Emanuel caves further than he already has. Remember the fate of President George Bush the Elder when he said, "Read my lips, no new taxes."

If they are serious about making cuts in the public schools, which we know they are not, there is a list of things they can do immediately and save millions of dollars. Throwing good hard-earned taxpayer money after bad is NOT the solution.

Here's a short list of cuts:

  • Stop the Mandatory FREE (Read - on the Taxpayer) Breakfast program where the students are not forced to eat, but the school must have a ready supply of food on hand each day for students and staff.  The amount of waste in unbelievable!  Then there is the paperwork that each teacher must fill out on a daily basis.  Where does that go?  What new department had to be opened for that and who got the food contract?  (I know it states that the USDA pays for this program, but all that means is another government program paid for by the taxpayers).

  • Stop Free/Reduced Lunch Program- In the last couple of years of teaching I have only had 2 students who actually were required to pay the 40 cent reduced price for lunch, every other student ate for FREE (Read - on the Taxpayer) And, don't forget no food can be taken out of the lunchroom, so everything left each day must go in the trash.

  • Stop after school programs with their  FREE (Read - on the Taxpayer) snacks for each student.

  • Stop allowing students who move to remain at their current school even though they may no longer live within city limits and sometimes state limits.  I've seen this first hand with students who move to a near-by suburb or Indiana which is a stone's throw from many CPS schools on the south side.

  • Stop allowing "Homeless" students (by the Board's definition of homeless, not the true definition) to attend any CPS school of their choice.  Did you know if you live with your grandparents, by CPS standards, you're homeless?

  • Stop allowing Illegal Aliens to attend CPS schools.  I've had many in my class over the years and teachers can do nothing about it.
Right there is a start to making some major cuts in spending.  If they want more of the taxpayers money, why don't they acutally use the Lottery money.  Wasn't that what is was earmarked for decades ago?

In the end the quality of education at CPS will not increase at all no matter how much money you throw at it, how many hours you add to it, or how many teachers you hire or fire within it.  If the required standards continue to be dumbed-down and the main concern is self-esteem and what could you do for me today, instead of self-reliance and how could  I become a more productive member of society...CPS will continue down its path of destruction.

Click here to read full article about CPS's Proposed Budget

I'll leave you with this....Will this be Rahm Emanuel's answer to the Chicago taxpayer?????

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