Sunday, August 14, 2011

What a Difference a Parade Makes...CTU President Changes Her Tune

Not counting the Index, the Chicago Teacher's Union contract is 230 pages long. It already has more holes in it than Swiss cheese, and the CTU President cannot even take a stand.

Teachers upset enough to ask for strike vote, union chief says

The president of the Chicago Teachers Union said Friday on a radio show that there is a “very high” likelihood that teachers will ask her to take a strike vote, given how angry and disrespected they feel.
But clarifying later to the Chicago Sun-Times, Karen Lewis said she did not predict that teachers will ultimately go on strike, only that the probability is high that members will call for a strike vote.

“People are very upset. People feel disrespected,’’ Lewis told WLS- AM Radio’s Connected to Chicago, which airs at 6 a.m. Sunday.

“We have teachers who have been extremely vilified for political purposes,’’
Faced with a tougher new bar for approving a strike, Lewis said she would only call for a strike vote if teachers came to her and requested it. But, given the disrespect and “loss of dignity” teachers feel, Lewis said, the likelihood of teachers wanting a strike vote is “very high.’’

Among other things, CTU members are angry about more than 1,500 teacher layoffs and a growing “do not hire” list that CPS developed in “secret,’’ Lewis told the Sun-Times.

The CTU and other unions that work in schools are currently discussing CPS’s decision to rescind promised (it should say contractual) raises. A breakdown in those talks could open the door for the first teachers strike since 1987.

However, under a new law, 75 percent of eligible CTU voters would have to approve that vote — up from a previous simple majority of all those who voted.

Teachers Union President Goes Back on Strike Threat

Karen Lewis Says She Didn't Mean What She Said

WGN News
4:30 p.m. CDT, August 13, 2011

The Chicago Teachers Union President is doing damage control today after threatening a strike.

Karen Lewis reportedly said the possibility of a teachers strike was "very high" this year. 

She made the comments during a taping of the WLS-AM radio show Connected to Chicago.

The interview doesn't air until tomorrow, but Lewis was already doing an about-face at today's Bud Billiken Parade.

"That is not what that was about at all," said Lewis. "What I would like to do is focus on what our real issues are, which is finding funding to close these crazy budget gaps."

The district's last teachers strike was in 1987.

Sweeping education reforms signed by Governor Quinn in June, however, make it tougher for teachers to strike.

She does have one thing right.  All of this is being done for political purposes and the losers are not going to be the politicians or those at the top.  As usual, those who are the backbone of the schools will take the brunt once again.


  1. Really, I am not a teacher, but did work for the Board and Ms. Karen needs a makeover!!!!! What a rep for the teachers! Didn't she get a raise from the school board? The Board of Ed needs a makeover. Downtown does not know half of what goes on in the schools and really I don't think they care. How do you put 30-33 kids in a room and expect 1 ONE teacher to teach and reach every student. It's always the little people who suffer. I feel sorry for the teachers who really care. The Board will squeeze the life out their employees. What an example we are for other cities.

  2. Those who can - can. Those who can't - teach. and now you want to drag down the whole city with your ridiculous demands. take your 16% raise and go sit on your huge butt for 3 month every year while our kids' scores continue to fall. Good luck.

  3. I think that if the average teacher is making over $75K plus benefits in Chicago, the Union Thugs are probably making well over $500K plus benefits. This fat pig needs to tighten up her belt and live on a real paycheck of about $40K a year like the rest of us! Fire these striking fools and permanently ban them from teaching anywhere in the US! Also ban this union and put the union bosses in prison for the illegal strike - public teachers are not allowed to strike! Just do a Reagan Air Traffic Controller deal and can them all, bring in non-union teachers and prosecute the union bosses! How can anyone take this cow seriously????? How about some reason in Chicago - and pay the teachers based on merit and give the parents vouchers so they can choose. No tenure, no seniority, no job just because you are in the union. Teach folks, teach well and make money, teach poorly and get your behind fired!

    1. Just to clear things up...Most teachers do NOT make 75 thousand dollars a year. Teachers do NOT get paid when they are not working and teachers in Chicago do have a legal right to strike over a variety of issues.

    2. Apparently you haven't heard about the new laws in Illinois. Like the one that reads teachers can ONLY strike over compensation. You can thank Karen Lewis for repeatedly stating to the media that the strike really isn't about compensation. So therefore, technically, that would make this an ILLEGAL strike.

  4. Any part of the contract that is tied to compensation is a compensation issue. That does not mean only the specific amount of one's salary. An example is that today language was finally put into the contract that once the salaries are negotiated and written in the contract, the Board of Ed CANNOT revoke them (as they did last year). So, in essence some of the issues did deal with compensation and this strike is legal.