Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pension Alert...Please take a moment to read this!

I just received this email from the Chicago Teacher's Union, but the proposed legislation would also affect the Chicago Police, Chicago Firefighters, Chicago Municipal, Chicago Laborers, and the Chicago Park District.

Dear Lisa:
There are two bills in Springfield that would, if passed, alter your pension severely. Your pension is your security in the future. Let’s fight these bills together!
What you need to know:
These two bills will alter your pension. CTU opposes all entirely. The bill introduced most recently, HB3827, would take away your democratic right to vote for a trustee to represent your interests on the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund. Instead, Mayor Emanuel would have the power to appoint four members to a new, combined pension board and union members would together elect only three trustees, giving the Mayor majority control.

“Pension Reform” would create three pension tiers. This would weaken the pension by allowing some to opt out of it. Those choosing a self-managed plan will see their retirement affected by fluctuations in the market

What you need to do:

Call and visit your State Representative and State Senator and tell them to vote NO on SB512 and HB 3827.
Find their contact information with this link.

In solidarity,
Stacy Davis Gates
CTU Political Director

Click the bill number for more details HB 3827  and SB 512

My PhotoSecond City Cop also had a good article about this today.  Click Here


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