Monday, October 31, 2011

"The plan to lengthen the school day will help create more time for that playtime break in between classes."

The above quote from a recent Channel 7 news report about lengthening the school day for Chicago Public School's next year sums it all up.  So much for the importance of more "classroom" time for the children. I guess Reading, Math, Science and the arts aren't all that important after all (at least not 90 minutes worth of importance). Not to mention that for many schools they no longer have a place for "safe play" - not only because many schools don't have a playground, but because it's not safe to be outside.  The article also talks of "indoor" recess too and having a recess space.  I guess that would be the classroom, which when filled with 25-30 students (maybe more) is not a "safe" play area either.  My favorite part was that some schools hire "recess coaches".  Yes, you read that right.  Too bad they don't hire lunch coaches, bathroom coaches, locker coaches, etc. Oh that's right they already do; they're called teachers.

There is so much wasted time already in a school day. If more time to play is what students need, then I say let's keep the hours the same, use the minutes we have for actual teaching, and then at dismissal the children can run and jump and play on their own time.

I am not saying that children don't need a little break from their studies once in awhile, but CPS and the mayor should tell it like it is.  Let the taxpayers of Chicago know what their whole plan is, because in the end it's the taxpayers who will be paying for the schools to be open longer.

Click link for the full article from ABC7 News

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