Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Click Here to Honor Your Favorite Veteran!

All Gave Some...Some Gave All

My grandfather, the inspiration and main focus of my book, My Hero, My Ding, was a WWII Veteran.  I believe his love of family deepened when he saw first-hand how easily families could be torn apart.  On this Veteran's Day I would like to honor him and all other Veterans! 

If you know a Veteran and would like to honor him or her, you can do so here!  It's simple...just email me a picture of your favorite Veteran and I will add it to this blog post.  I am proud to showcase them and give them the special recognition they deserve.   

In the Subject line just type in VETERAN

Please put the name of the person in the picture and either their branch of service, years of service, or some special fact I can include in a caption for you.

I will start the honors with two of my favorite veterans...
Eugene Cittadino, WWII Veteran (My Grandpa-My Ding)

Charles Tortorello, WWII Veteran (My Father-in-Law)

Ted Mueller, US Navy "Tin Can Soldier" aboard USS Plunkett

Roy Moscato, WWII Veteran

Terry Cordingley, US Navy

Author Mary Lee and her husband Chuck (not pictured), Retired Air Force

Bill Bowser, US Army 1978-1979

Sgt. Michael Martus U.S. Marine Corp.
Four year active + Four year inactive reserve
Served two tours in Iraq

A musical tribute to our veterans both past and present.
God Bless the USA!

(Let's see how many veterans we can honor. I will continue to add pictures throughout the weekend. Please help join in showing the veteras how much we appreciate them and their sacrifices... not just on Veteran's Day but everyday.)

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