Friday, December 30, 2011

Let the New Year Begin...

As we reflect upon the ups and downs of 2011 and get ready to usher out this old year...

My wish is that 2012 brings you all good health, much happiness, a better economy, and much prosperity!

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Thanks for stopping by this Christmas...

It doesn't matter if this is your first visit to my blog or  if you are a return reader, here is my wish for you...

May the blessings of Christmas surround you and bring you peace and happiness throughout the coming year! 

Click video for a wonderful Christmas message!

"Mary Did You Know" (sung by Kenny Rogers and Wynonna Judd)

Friday, December 23, 2011

The history behind the most beloved Christmas carol - Silent Night

On December 24, 1818, the currett of a parish in Obendorf, Austria, Joseph Moore, gave a poem that he had written to a friend of his, Franz Gruber, who was also the choir master and organist in that church.

He asked Mr. Gruber if he would write music "for his poem" - that he might write it for two solo voices and guitar accompaniment; because the organ being broken, he desperately wanted music to be part of their  Christmas Eve service.

Mr. Gruber wrote the melody to a song which has become the most beloved of all Christmas carols, Stille Nacht. In English, Silent Night - Schlaf in Himmlisher Ruh...Sleep in heavenly peace.

The Muppets and John Denver sing Silent Night

Frankenmuth, MI has a replica of the Silent Night Chapel that was originally in Obendorf, Austria

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Even Santa Knows

Still Looking for that last minute Christmas gift...

Do you know anyone who loves to read???

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm finally joining the PC crowd this season..."Perfectly Christmas"!

I've had my fill of commercials about the "holiday season", read more than enough stories about "holiday decorations" and have seen it every day at work for the last two weeks..."holiday parties", "winter holiday assembly", "winter door decorating contest", and the "winter/holiday candy sale" where candy canes (a Christmas tradition) are being sold. 

With that in mind I have decided to finally go "PC" this year! 


Everywhere I go, every chance I get it's...

As the song says..."though it's been said" (before the PC crowd came around) "many times, many ways"...

I hope everyone goes PC this season...

The Christmas Song

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Here are just a few things I am celebrating this season~

I became one of Chicago's Very Own...

December 7th marked the one year anniversary of the release of 

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Production is underway for my new children's book The Moose at the Manger which will be released in 2012...

Let the celebration continue with these Great Savings!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Musical Entertainment this Sunday you won't want to miss!

Come celebrate 65 Years of Singing!

Sung by Musichorale
Directed by Jeff Silhan

If variety is the spice of life, than this is the perfect musical spice to add to your Christmas festivities!  From traditional, to sacred, to down-right funny...there is music for everyone!  Come enjoy these wonderful sounds of Christmas.

Date: December 11, 2011
Where: Trinity Christian College
6601 W. College Drive
Palos Heights, IL

Time: 3:20 p.m. sharp
Cost: $14.00

Parking: FREE Valet Parking

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pearl Harbor Remembered...

Today marks the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the one year anniversary of the release of my book My Hero, My Ding.  In memory of all who died at Pearl Harbor and during WWII, and in honor of all our WWII Veterans, here is a short excerpt from my book...

"Growing up I adored my grandfather, but as the years continue to pass by and the world continues to change, I truly realize now what a remarkable gem he really was. He was from the "greatest generation" and lived up to that image without even trying. Though coming from humble beginnings and actually leaving the same way, he spent the better part of his life living it to its fullest, not only following his heart but also his dreams.

My grandfather was a first-generation American and proud of it. He didn't have a long, formal education, but that was common in those days. While still in his teens, he became an apprentice for a jeweler. This would eventually become his career, but not before detouring overseas to serve in the US Navy during WWII. Whether by luck, fate, or God’s well thought out plan, my grandpa made it home from the war alive scarred only by the memories of some very close calls and the reality of losing fellow friends, comrades in arms. Eventually my grandpa went from being a jeweler’s apprentice to being a certified jeweler to finally starting his own jewelry business. His big dream—being his own boss—was underway. For over thirty years both he and my grandmother worked side by side at their store making their dreams come true. Having a small business doesn’t seem to have gotten any easier over the years, but like many entrepreneurs, the journey was difficult but the outcome plentiful.

My grandparents were married for fifty years, and watching them interact was like watching newlyweds. Small gestures like holding hands, appreciating what one did for the other, and truly enjoying the time they spent together are just a few examples of the unending devotion they had for one another. So many people today are so focused on being the "center of the universe" themselves they lose sight of the simple but more important aspects in a relationship. Listening to the many stories Grandpa shared about his WWII experience, I believe his love of family deepened when he saw first-hand how easily families could be torn apart."

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas is in the air!

If you love Christmas and you love wonderful music, this is one concert you will want to make sure to see this season!

Come join in celebrating Musichorale's 65 years of singing!

                                    Date:  December 11, 2011

                                    Where: Trinity Christian College
                                                  6601 W. College Drive
                                                  Palos Heights, IL

                                    Time:  3:20 p.m. Start Time

                                    Cost: $12.00 (advance tickets)
                                                Call 321-409-6661 or Click Here
                                              $14.00 (at the door)

                                   Parking: FREE Valet Parking

About Musichorale-

Musichorale began in 1947 as the Lindblom Alumni Accapella choir under the direction of Arthur Silhan with twenty-five others from the high school choir. Phyllis Ballin (soon to become Mrs. Silhan) was the first accompanist. Before long we had grown to include more than just alumni, so we changed our name to Chicago Choral Club, and in 1951 we became Musichorale.

Arthur's son Jeffrey became our director in 1980. We began rehearsals at the Ogden Park field house, then moved to Marquette Park. We owned two buildings; first at 59th and Sacramento, moving to the old Clearing Town Hall on 63rd Street in 1971.

Our current home is at the Oak Lawn Community Church at 90th and Ridgeland where we are renting space and have built a garage for the storage of our trailer and equipment. You are always welcome to visit us there! We have sung many weddings, dedications, parties, and concerts in some of the most prestigious venues, including Symphony Center, and even in the great outdoors. But no matter where, we continue to bring song to Chicagoland! Variety is our specialty!

For more information visit Musichorale's Website

Hope to see you there!