Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Chicago's mayor, Rahm Emanuel, launched a new website today "empowering Chicagoans" to be prepared for winter and to help their neighbors.  He even has a link where people can share their resources like a shovel or snow blower. If you live in Chicago and don't even own a shovel are you really planning to shovel your snow let alone volunteer to shovel someone else's?    

If you are lucky enough to still live in a part of Chicago where your block is made up of decent people who look out for each other (and these areas are becoming harder to find), you don't need the government telling you how to act like a neighbor.  During last year's snow storm it was our neighbors and us that did the shoveling and snow blowing for 3 days helping each other moving cars around to clean the streets and alleys .  We didn't let our elderly neighbors shovel, and we didn't wait for the government to tell us that was the proper thing to do. 

It is a real sign of the times when people can't even act neighborly because of how they live, where they live, or how they were trained from an early age to be dependent on others.  

I am thankful that I was brought up with a strong work ethic.  One of the best lessons I learned from my grandfather was that no job is above or beneath me. It has served me well thus far!

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  1. im sure the welfare breeders in englewood and roseland will get out and shovel this winter,da truth!

  2. We will see who's out there shoveling today!