Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Coming soon to a CPS school near you!

Contract! What contract?

As we learn about the "paid protesters" that were taken on a field trip to support the proposed school closings, and the mayor continues to chip away at the unions day after day, here is just some of what is in store for CPS teachers next year as proposed by the Board of Education...

  • 110 minutes longer for the teacher each school day
  • 10 more days added to the school calendar
  • Less time to prepare for classes, grade papers, do lesson plans, etc. (even though teachers will be on the premises longer)
  • Mandatory Recess
  • Mandatory Breakfast and Lunch remain
  • Added medical training in the following areas:
    • AED (automated external defibrillators) - already in many schools
    • Allergies and the use of Epi-pens
    • Type I and Type II Diabetes
    • Asthma and its specified triggers which will "sensitize teachers to possible problems"
    • ADHD  - best practices regarding both identification and treatment
    • Colonoscopies for all males prior to graduation (okay just kidding on this one)
I guess they figure with all the extra time teachers will be spending in school, they could put out their doctor's shingle too.  They could call is CPScare

After doing some research, I found a video that will cure ADHD in minutes.  Check it out. :)

Seriously, with all the money that will be spent on training the teachers and staff and the possible lawsuits if something should go awry,  wouldn't it be more feasible to have a School Nurse in the schools each day to attend to such matters.  After all, that is what they were actually trained to do (and not just in an in-service or two).

As far as time in school, my husband suggests the teachers work in three shifts of 24 hours on and 48 hours off (sound familiar?).  This way there could be 'round the clock care.

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