Friday, January 13, 2012

Facts every Chicagoan MUST know!

There are four seasons here in Chicago: tax season, the season of corruption, construction season, and yes WINTER.  Luckily winter only lasts a couple of months while the other seasons seem to overlap and continue year round.

YES, it is winter in Chicago.  I enjoyed every "fall-like" day we had since winter officially started and I  would have loved to see a snowless winter after last year's snow folly fun, BUT we live in Chicago and I have better chance of winning the lottery than we have of not getting any snow all season long.

AFTER watching the weather reports last night my husband and I knew when we turned in that we would be shoveling in the morning.

BUT when we got up and turned on the news I thought for sure we went to sleep in Chicago and woke up in Alaska...
Cordova, Alaska

We looked outside and realization hit me... It must be a slow news morning!

After listening to the facts:

  •  It really did snow
  •  The ground is covered
  •  You'll have to brush off your car if you don't have a garage

We did the only thing left to do...shovel.

UPON coming indoors again the news shifted their focus (with the big snow scare over), it was on to scare number two...IT'S COLD OUTSIDE!  Wow! I am glad someone told me.  The 6 inches of white, fluffy precipitation didn't clue me in to that.  Twenty degree weather may seem cold after enjoying 40's and 50's for the past month, but it is JANUARY in CHICAGO. 

Everyone who lives in Chicago for more than 20 minutes knows there will be snow, so why the rush to the hardware stores yesterday to go out and buy shovels?

Let's sum up the important facts:

  • Winter happens EVERY year in Chicago.
  • It snows.
  • Buy a shovel.
  • It's cold.
  • Buy a winter coat.
  • Stick around long enough and winter will end. (Too bad we can't say the same about the tax, construction, and corruption seasons.)

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