Thursday, March 22, 2012

A salad bar at your neighborhood CPS school...

At first, I thought...How nice!  Since Mayor Rahm Emanuel and CEO Brizard are planning on extending the school day and the school year, what a nice gesture for them to give the teachers access to a salad bar for lunch.  ( can stop laughing now.)

Some schools already have this "added feature" to their lunchroom and more and more elementary schools are hopping on board.  My understanding so far is that the usual "free" fare will be offered and this will be in addition to it, giving each school a chance to waste even more of the taxpayers' money.

Each day,  I cannot get over the amount of food that is wasted just during the mandatory "Universal Breakfast" and regular lunch periods.  Now we are going to subject a perfectly innocent salad bar to an early refuse pile because I can't imagine many students actually eating from it.  Oh, at first it might be interesting to go take a peak, but once they realize it's filled with fruits and vegetables and not chips and pop, I don't think it stands a chance of survival. 

Besides the waste, what about the cost?  Like everything else, fruits and vegetable prices are skyrocketing.  I always bring fruits and veggies to school for a snack and these days I decide which to bring by what's "on sale".  We know the school system won't be watching our taxpayer dollars that closely. 

I think it's time we go back to the good ol' days...

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  1. Hi Lisa, I'm a huge fan or used to be of salad bars and annnnny place that offered a buffet. But now I'm just apprehensive when it comes to eating food that is exposed to the public,i.e., kids. You never know. I wish we had more butchers like the Colony food store years ago that was in Hometown. The butcher was the only one that touched your food. I love people who go through the meat, picking and choosing throwing it around. I think I'm getting off topic here lol.