Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Where is the bottom???

How low can people actually go before we hit bottom?  Every day it seems new strides are made to go even lower.  I read this article last night and was actually surprised.  I guess with the atmosphere today, I shouldn't be, BUT when two boys, ages 7 and 8 , are charged with "savagely beating their school bus driver and two bus aides" it's hard to fathom.  Not that they were charged with such a disgusting crime, but that the boys said they did this because they were angry.  They were angry that they were told to stop messing around on the bus.  They were asked to behave and this is their reaction????  (And where did they learn this was a proper response?)

The news also reports that the kids “did not allege they were struck or harmed by bus personnel.”    Wow!  While the bus driver was standing in front of the bus doors, the boys shoved her down, pulled her hair violently and slammed her head on the ground and the news comments that the boys were not struck or harmed by the bus personnel.  I know at that point, I certainly would have fought back, unless of course, the bus driver was unconscious and couldn't. There were two other bus monitors on board, one of whom is 73 years old, who were also overpowered by these boys. All I keep thinking is that these boys are 7 and 8 years old.  They will be charged with battery and possibly be expelled from school. 

So I ask again - where is the bottom?

Click here for Original story from CBS news

Click here for Original story from Fox Chicago news


  1. Lisa it amazes me the savagery that occurs EVERY day. I seriously believe it's has to do with mental illness issues. What sane person(s) could kill, rob, shoot a gun and beat people? It's obvious no one is worried about laws anymore. Even something as simple as driving or speed limits. I was on RT. 57 going thru a construction zone, posted speed limit is 45. I'm doing the speed limit and people are blowing by me doing about 80. I'm like WTF? Over the weekend downstate though, I did see a trooper go after someone who sped thru a construction zone, much to my delight. Take care, I added a poem to my post btw. :)

  2. You have brought forth a thought-provoking question Lisa, of which I have no one answer to the rising problem. Lack of values, learned behavior, desensitized society, no moral compass? These and more. Thank you Lisa and keep asking the questions.