Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And it's said over and over parents aren't to blame?!

Somewhere out there at a school near you on a Friday afternoon -

It was during the students' bathroom break when a male student returned to the locker he had just visited.  His teacher asked why he's not with the other boys at the bathroom.  His response was that he just got told from the office he has to go home early and he was getting his things to leave.  Here is the alleged conversation as related by the student involved. 

Teacher: Did you know you were leaving early today?

Student: No.

Teacher: Well, that's too bad because you were so excited about going to the golf meet after school [the first one of the season].

Student: Oh, I'll be back for that.

Teacher:  Hmmm. I hope everything is okay and there's not an emergency.

Student:  Oh, it's an emergency

Teacher: Really...a minute ago you didn't know you were leaving early and now it's "an emergency".  Why are you leaving early?

Student: I have to go home and pack.

Teacher:  Pack for what?  Golf?

Student: No...we're going away this weekend and we won't have time to pack later on tonight.

Teacher's reaction!

Teacher: So, let me get this straight.  You're going away for the weekend to have fun...

Student:  No, not for fun. We're going to a quinceanera.

Teacher:  That's a party right?  I'm not stupid.  So you're leaving school early to pack, but you'll have time to come back later to play golf.

Student: Yes.

This is the teacher for the second time!

Teacher:  Does your mother know you have a test at 1:00 today?

Student: No.

Teacher: Well, before you leave school you better tell her you have a test.  If you are not here to take it, you will receive a zero.

Student: [Stares blankly]

Teacher: Do you understand what I just explained.

Student: Yes 

With that the conversation ended and the teacher's head...well...

UPDATE:  As one might figure at this point, the student never returned to class for the test BUT made sure to be at the golf meet! 

Now remind me again whose fault it is that our children are failing in school?

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