Friday, June 1, 2012

Who is disrespecting whom?

I had a whole different theme I was going to blog about today, but just hearing a comment made by the CEO of the Chicago Public Schools on the news set me in a different direction.

After teachers endured a whole school year of disrespect from Brizard and Emanuel, CEO Brizard stated today on Channel 7 news that he takes the idea of the teachers having a strike authorization vote as a sign of disrespect of the whole process.  

Let's talk about disrespect...

Teachers did not get a contractual 4% raise this current school year because there wasn't enough money, BUT there was enough money to pay schools to extend their current school days and also buy incentives for students in some of those schools.

Teachers are being told to work longer hours and work a longer school year next year without being compensated fairly for their time.  There isn't enough money, BUT there's enough money to built/fund more Charter schools.

Teachers are being told that the school day needs to be longer "for the children"(as we know, it's always for the children), BUT they are not giving resources to make that longer day run smoothly. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg!  The list goes on and on and on...

So, the teachers have had enough.  They are constantly being disrespected and blamed for the ills of the whole school system. Are there some bad apples?  Sure.  Just like in every profession.  BUT a whole field of educators should not be demonized, especially when most of the problems have been "given" to the teachers in the form of "new initiatives", not wanting to be "left behind", the next up and coming "newest educational fads", and bad (and corrupt) budgeting.

It was announced that the Chicago Teacher's Union will have a strike authorization vote on Wednesday.  This vote gives the Union the authority to set a strike date if it is deemed necessary at the end of the negotiation process.  The teachers are not disrespecting the process.  The teachers are actively take part in the process and letting the "powers that be" know  we are serious.  I for one hope the strike authorization votes passes.  Without it, we have no chance for a fair contract.  It's just too bad the police and firemen can't strike too.  It's always the "worker bees" that get the shaft and nothing will change if we don't stand up for ourselves now!


  1. I couldn't have said it better Lisa...I think you all should strike.

    1. Thanks...If we don't get the votes for this now, we are definitely going to reap what we sow and it will NOT be in our favor.