Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Love and Marriage...

The Royal Wedding we attended for our friends Thomas and Jane who we dubbed King and Queen (at least on their pillow cases)

It all began at the Olton Friary on May 17, 1997
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I was flattered when Jane included me in their wedding by asking me to do a Reading during the ceremony.  My American accent was a dead giveaway that I was from out of town!  I recall being at Thomas and Jane's home visiting with their families before the wedding.  There were Charlie and I from America, and both Jane and Tom's families from England and Ireland.   We were sitting in the living room and there was a lot of talking going on.  All of a sudden I began to laugh...we were all speaking English, but most of us couldn't understand what each other was saying.  

At this point, you may want to click on this Frank Sinatra link to enhance your wedding experience with some appropriate music.

Love and Marriage sung by Frank Sinatra

 After the ceremony, Thomas and Jane traveled in style by horse and carriage from the church
 to Jane's family home where we had the first part of their joyous celebration.
Everyone was standing by to greet them and they were serenaded by a few tunes on the bagpipes as well!

This is the marquee that was set up for good food and good cheer.

Jane even decorated their wedding cake herself!

We spent the evening at the reception where the theme was an American barn dance.  It was here that I first learned how to promenade!  Luckily, you are spared. I have no pictures of me dancing.  Clockwise...anti-clockwise, I just couldn't figure it out!

Our gift to Jane and Tom!  This is a picture I drew and painted for them!  

It's hard to believe they celebrated their 15th anniversary this year! Time really does fly by but memories last forever!

Make sure you check in for my 4th and final part of our visit across the pond.
Topic: My tribute to the Olympic Games!


  1. Great post! Bagpipes, very neat. I love the post and pictures, can't wait for the 4th installment.

    Paul R. Hewlett