Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Traveling in England...but first a quick look at headline news

I was going to veer away from my England  blogging series to comment on the mediator's report for the Chicago  Public Schools and the Chicago Teacher's Union, but I figured there is not much to say at this time except the bell has rung and now Round 2 has begun.  Will there be a compromise or will they go a full 10 Rounds?  The clock is ticking...

England...Part Two
(Remember, clicking on any picture will make it larger.)

Now, on to something more fun. While in England, we visited Stratford-upon-Avon.  It was a lovely area with some great shops.  I love the American flag flying high!

At a distance this building looked so "timely" and upon closer look we see stores like Pizza Hut and Hush Puppies.  What would Shakespeare have thought of that?

What beautiful architecture!

One of my husband's favorite stores in all of England!

Chess Anyone?
Another very nice area was that of Solihull.  This was in Solihull Square.  It almost made me want to learn how to play!

Okay, not the real one, but this one was very cool too.  The stone in front of a hedge that is so dense you can barely see light through it. 

and now on to...

Blenheim Palace-
birthplace of Winston Churchill

I do not use the word "awesome" very often, but here is a time when that word is just perfect. Take a look!

Our dear friends Jane and Thomas...just days before the wedding bells rang out!

I couldn't end this edition without a little food.  Actually it was a lot of food. We went to Pizza Piazza and had a blast!

'Til next time...

Stay tuned for Part Three:  "I Do" 


  1. Funny, I thought the same thing while looking at the picture of Stratford-upon-Avon, I can't see the Pizza Hut:) It does look "timely" Thanks for sharing, great, great pictures! Have a great day. Paul R. Hewlett

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures! The Pizza Hut is the red and white striped awning on the bottom left. Don't forget to stop by when I showcase the wedding! :)

  2. Great pics! Brought back some very fond memories for me as well. Thanks for sharing.