Friday, August 10, 2012

Exercise is good for kids...No Kiddin'!

I saw this headline last week "Physically Fit Children Get Better Grades".   I quickly broke down that headline to mean... children who are more active and get more physical movement and exercise perform better at school.  Nothing new here, but I clicked on the link to read more hoping I was going to be enlightened by some amazing new find.  Unfortunately I was not.  This report just repeated what we already know.  Kids need exercise!  Kids need to move around and get that circulation going!  Getting oxygen to the brain helps. Your brain is a muscle...exercise your body, exercise your mind. Seems easy enough to understand. 

Since we live in a world where we like information at a glance, I though this sums it up nicely for the kids!
This is a picture of your brain on vacation.  Looks nice, but not much is going on!

Exercise can help get your body and your brain in gear!

The end result will be that you feel a lot better and you will  be able to focus more on your studies and do better in school.  

We met a man a few weeks ago who was 91 years old.  He walked with a walker and had on a shirt that said "Exercise Fitness-exercise every day".  He said he still goes to the gym every day and even though his body might not have been in the best of shape... he does have 91 years of wear on his parts afterall, his brain was still sharp.  His parting words were, "They don't want me upstairs and they don't want me downstairs, so here I'll stay!"

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  1. Excellent post! Something everyone should read. It's easy to forget, but the body (and mind) were made to move, not sit. Thanks for posting. Have a great day:)
    Paul R. Hewlett