Sunday, September 2, 2012

More Fraud and Waste at CPS (Updated)

On the brink of the first strike in the Chicago Public Schools in 25 years, CPS continues to show why we are in such dire straights.  Here are just two of the latest examples.

Note: Every time you see the word "free", please insert "your hard-earned tax dollars".

Last year Universal Breakfast was instituted in the Chicago Public Schools. Every student ate for "free".  Breakfast was moved from before the school day to within the school day which takes away instructional minutes.  This year certain CPS schools will not only get "free" Universal Breakfast but also 100% "free" lunch.  Out goes the full-price and reduce-priced lunches.  Now, in those schools, the only people who will have to pay if they want to eat the school lunch are the teachers.  I don't know many teachers who opt to eat the school fare, but if they do it will cost $3.50.  Now, I don't begrudge anyone a meal if they need one, but the same people who come to school with Flamin' Hots and Pop can certainly afford the 40 cent reduced lunch fee or the full price cost.

The second example also has to do with school lunches.  Thanks to Michelle Obama all schools will have to start serving "healthier food".  Notice I said serving and not offering.  It is a "MUST" that all children have a fruit and vegetable put in their lunch bag. (Why  a lunch bag is needed when there are lunch trays is beyond me.  I'd like to know who has the lunch bag contract with CPS. They are certainly winners in this scam.)  Since the powers-that-be know many students will not eat those "free" healthier foods...they set up a grand scheme. 

Try to follow this logic...

Step 1: Student must take bag with fruit in it.
Step 2: Student makes face and will not eat fruit.
Step 3: Student will handle that fruit while being able to return it to be reused.
Step 4: An adult employee (I'm guessing someone from the lunchroom staff) will re-wash the fruit.  (Re-wash with what? I was not told.  Who has that contract?)
Step 5: Fruit will then be placed at the school's EXITs so the same students who didn't want the fruit at lunch can now take it home with them. 

Now, I guess the students may really want a "fruit pick-me-up" at the end of the day, but other visions pop in my head.  It's the end of the day, and the students are handed a legally-issued projectile to throw at other students, or cars or houses.  It will be interesting.

Why don't they just use the fruit for the next morning's "free" Universal Breakfast?  

Why don't parents feed their own children?

I would love to calculate how much of YOUR money is being used to issue and re-issue fruit?

I can't believe I forgot to put this in my original post.  In previous years, students were given a lunch card and on it was a code identifying if the student paid full price, reduced price, or received a "free" lunch.  Since all students in certain schools will be eating a "free" lunch, common sense dictates that in those schools lunch cards will no longer be needed.  But, since common sense doesn't dictate policy, the students will still be issued a lunch card and MUST turn it in each day.  In the age of recycling and  saving the planet what a waste of paper and plastic (laminating costs),  not to mention time and money.

Just remember, we have no money to pay teachers, firemen, and policemen, but we have enough money for this dog and pony show.

A waste of tax-payer money???  You be the judge.

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  1. This is comical. I think that it goes without saying that you cannot force people to do/eat something they don't want to. That is the parents responsibility. Nothing wrong with having it available, but in a paper bag that they HAVE to take?! Wow, seems to me that there are more important things to focus on. Maybe, they can snack on the fruit when they write their self-reflection paper, or sit on a peer jury that they have to do after they get in trouble? That might work, huh:) Great post, thanks for sharing and good luck!

    Paul R. Hewlett

    1. You really made me laugh this morning about students eating their fruit snack while writing their self-reflection papers or in the peer juries after they get into trouble. Get in trouble = Get a snack! I think the kids would LOVE it!