Sunday, September 9, 2012

The 3 R's: Reading, Riting, and Rahm (Updated and with pictures!)

By now most of you reading this know that the Chicago Teacher's Union has gone on strike.  It's late and I must be up early to "walk the line", so I will leave you with this tonight.

Rahm was just on the news stating (at least 3 times) that this is a "strike of choice".  He is absolutely right! He chose this fight shortly after he was sworn in as mayor and all the choices he has made led up to this result.

Rahm keeps comparing our school system to those in Europe and other foreign countries, but he never goes on to explain that in many of these same countries he is espousing they look and treat their teachers as highly respectable citizens seeing as the teachers have the future of their country in their classrooms each and every day.  

Rahm stated that in some schools with the "longer, FULL day of school" they've implemented a 1/2 hour of one on one instruction.  I'd love to see that in action. Where are the other students at that time?  How many students a day get one on one instruction?  Throughout a 60 minute class, I give many students a few moments of one on one's called TEACHING.

The next few day will be very interesting, but for tonight I will leave you with the three R's:

READING: The Union has read the Board's latest proposal and is not satisfied (and NO it's not just about the money.)

WRITING:  Rahm began with the writing on the wall when he went down state to try and insure that the CTU can never strike again.

RAHM:  He asked for it, he got it...we're striking!


  This is my favorite sign of the day!  While on the picket line this morning, I must say the overwhelming response from parents and those people passing by in cars was very positive. The school I work at is a "scab" school or as CPS has coined it a contingency school, and I don't think there were 20 kids who were there.  It'll be interesting to see the spin the media puts on this tonight.  

 We did have a police presence.

 The parking lots were blocked off.

And the turn out at our school was great!

It's sad that negotiations have been going on for over 10 months and CPS only started to take things seriously the week before the strike deadline.  And one "concession" that the Union won was to guarantee that textbooks be at the schools on the first day so teachers can start to teach.  Wow! That took 10 months to agree upon.  It seems like a no-brainer, but actually gives a bit of insight into what teacher are up against.  

On a separate blog I will talk about the evaluation reform but will just say now that since the proposed plan is such a mess, CPS would be smart to just eliminate the whole thing from the contract proposal.  I bet this strike could be settled much sooner.  Way back in March, 16 universities wrote a letter to Rahm, Jean-Claude, and the School Board blasting their proposed evaluation plan.  Maybe they didn't read it, but you can read it here.  

We'll see what kind of "choice" Rahm and his team makes by the end of tonight.


  1. Great post! Stay strong, anyone with any sense (and even me:) is behind you!

    Paul R. Hewlett