Thursday, September 27, 2012

What Rahm doesn't talk about!

I received  this from a teacher who wanted to share a little bit of what the public has not heard over the past month while Rahm and his minions were airing non-stop negative commercials about teachers. 

Top 5 Reasons from my day reminding my why Chicago teachers deserve respect:

5 -
Nurse ONLY available on Monday and Tuesday

Head Lice (on WEDNESDAY, of course)!

If needed, toilet paper must be requested before boys go to the washroom on my floor, which resulted in 2 six year olds returning from the bathroom (with my hallpass) to tell me that they went #2 but didn't have any toilet paper.  (key word here WENT)

Wet, boogery sneezes that either land directly on my keyboards or are ever soooo sweetly carried up to me with remnants hanging from nostrils as a Kleenex is requested.

MY giant puss-filled eye that is crusted shut, hmmm...wonder where that came from???

I requested that a hand sanitizer dispenser be put in my room, so today the engineer came in to drill a hole to put one in...while my class was testing.  This is, by the way, the 4th YEAR that I requested the dispenser :-)

Important to note: Rahm wants kids' test scores to determine teachers' salaries---and I mentioned the drilling, right?  During testing, right?  Seems fair to me as I scratch my head (not because of the lice).

I want Rahm to come visit my lab tomorrow, I have some things I'd like to share :-|

Written by: a CPS teacher


  1. SO SAD, but SO true!!

  2. Great read! Thanks for posting. Keep up the good work. Know that there are people who appreciate the very hard, demanding, important work that you do:)

    Paul R. Hewlett