Tuesday, September 18, 2012

If You're Not haven't been paying attention!

Update:  The CTU strike has been suspended and classes resume tomorrow.  The rank and file will get to vote on the contract in a couple of weeks. 

Before all of the delegates even left the meeting tonight, the media started talking about the number of schools that will be closing...

At the podium, Karen Lewis was asked how the vote went.  She stated it was like 98% to 2%, "but you'll always have those die-hards that hold out no matter what!" about language that is not vague or simply "unknown".  The CTU sent out FAQs about the contract proposal and some of their answers were-
"We do not know the answer yet" AND  "We are not sure of the exact point value."  

In the end, I believe Rahm is going to get the last laugh when the final details of these negotiations are finally revealed!


As I am sure most of you reading this already know, the Board of Education and the Chicago Teachers Union have agreed to a "framework" for a new contract.  I find the following observations quite interesting.

* Brizard has been silent this whole week and suddenly he is now making statements again.

*Every day this week the Chicago Public School website has posted their latest proposals for the world to see.

*Karen Lewis has been telling the Union members for months now "If you didn't hear if from CTU, it isn't true." 

*Tonight on the news Karen Lewis told the same Union members that they themselves should go to the Chicago Public School's website to read the "framework".  (The same people we were told not to listen to...really?!)

* I went to the Chicago Public School website tonight and, as of this posting, this is all the information being shared.

September 14, 2012

"We have a framework in place for a fair agreement that we believe is good for our teachers, students and taxpayers and look forward to our kids getting back to the classroom."

Jean-Claude Brizard
CEO, Chicago Public Schools

*So, we are now supposed to get information from people we were told not to believe only to find out they are not sharing anyway.

*This Sunday the Union's House of Delegates are to meet...receive the full language of the contract (seeing it for the very first time)....and quickly vote on it that day. (If what I hear is correct, they must vote on it before sundown on Sunday because Rosh Hashanah begins).

 I certainly hope this is not a set-up for history to repeat itself.
We all remember what happened here, don't we?

Click link to be reminded that WE MUST READ BEFORE WE VOTE!
(Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...I hope we have learned our lesson!)

If I was a delegate and did not get enough time to read and digest the contract I would have no choice but to vote NO on it.  If you know a delegate, please pass that message along to them.


  1. I agree Lisa. I hope those that know delegates will stress your feelings. This sounds like a set up. I don't sign anything without reading it first. Perfect example. I had to have some lab work done Friday morning. It took the nurse 3 times to print off paperwork for my tests and for me to sign that had either my correct name or spelled correctly. She was so irritated by the 3rd time that I have to wonder if things won't get lost on me anyway. Each time I read through the paper work, I pointed out that my name was wrong. If I hadn't read it, I'm certain, that it would have been lost and I would have to do everything over again. NEVER sign anything without reading it in full. Good luck, I will watch the news for updates tomorrow:)

    Paul R.Hewlett

    1. We were given a 23 page document and the whole contract is said to be about 180 pages long. It will certainly be interesting to see what the delegates do tomorrow.