Wednesday, October 31, 2012

And They Wonder Why CPS is Broke??

Just the facts: 

Jean Claude Brizard "resigns" in October because he "fell out of favor" with Rahm Emanuel but gets to keep working at his current salary until December 31, 2012.

Brizard will get one year salary after that, which has a price tag attached of $250,000.00!

Brizard will get one full year of health insurance for him and his family paid for by the school system!

Brizard will leave with a "glowing recommendation" for a job well done!

(What teacher, fireman, police officer enjoys these perks when they are "asked to resign" or as we know it in laymen terms as "being fired"?)

Wow!  What an interpretation of the facts.  Brizard was hired by Rahm to come in to try and break the CTU and 17 months later, the teachers were on the picket lines showing Rahm and Brizard what they thought of their tactics.   Now, it's going to cost the taxpayers a ton on money to have Brizard walk away quietly.

And what else do the Chicago taxpayers get?...Another new and transplanted CEO who has worked in wonderful school systems like Detroit and Cleveland.   How much will this cost us?

Barbara Byrd-Bennett will receive a $250,000.00 as the new CEO.

Byrd-Bennett will receive $30,000.00 in moving expenses.

It seems to me we can find some incompetents right here within our city limits to hire with less of a price tag.  We don't have to keep reaching across state lines to do it.  It's costing us just as much to hire these people as it does to fire them...all at the taxpayers' expense.

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And to further add insult to injury, Rahm is now trying to "bribe" parents with a $25.00 gift card from Walgreens to become responsible parents.  How do you get parents involved in the education and welfare of their kids, why you pay them, of course!  Click link for more...


  1. Sickening. Like that idiot said, "kids are smart," and they know bribery when they see it. Children know what they are taught, ignorance and apathy can not be painted over by a $25 bribe to go and pick up an envelope. These "parents" still don't care about these children. They may weep in front of cameras when a young man is slain, but they wouldn't teach that same young man right and wrong. These kids are smart enough to know when mom goes to see the teacher it's for the cash, not for them, and they know in their hearts that mom doesn't care. So why should they?

  2. Wow, unbelievable. It's no wonder things are the way they are. This guy has to go. He has been just terrible. I don't claim to know what the answer is, but one thing is crystal clear, he's not it. The teachers and the kids seem to be forgotten about here. How many hand sanitizers would Brizards salary (post firing) pay for? Thanks for sharing the facts! Have a great day.

    Paul R. Hewlett