Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Feed the mind? Nahhhh...

This should be the Board of  Education's infinite wisdom, they brought back student "Half Days" and today is the first one of the school year.  I am sure this thinking goes right along with the "longer school day" and "it's all for the children".  

It seems what is "all for the children" is FOOD.  It is so important that even on the CPS calendar it is stated that the children will receive both breakfast and lunch.  So, the students will be in school for three hours and, on average, 15 minutes will be for breakfast and then 30 minutes will be for lunch.  That leaves 2.25 hours for teaching.  Actually, take out at least another 10 minutes for a bathroom break because you know if the students are eating and drinking not one, but two meals, in a short amount of time they will have to use the washroom.  The last 5 minutes of the day will be to pack things up to go home, so now we are at 2 hours of teaching.  Note, I said teaching not learning.  

At the building where I work, over 600 students must be fed and watered twice during the 3 hour morning, and the scheduling is absurd.  Some classes, in most cases the primary grades, have breakfast at 8:15 and then will have lunch at 9:30.  I am sure that this will satisfy their hunger needs until dinner while they settle in for a great morning of studying...

Because it IS...all for the children.

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