Monday, November 12, 2012

We Don't Have Time...Are you serious?

For decades, there have been traditions at the school where I teach, and suddenly those traditions are changing... for the worse!

I was impressed when I first started teaching at this school because we still said The Pledge of Allegiance every day of the week and on Fridays, we said The Pledge of Allegiance along with the singing of the National Anthem, as well as, our school song.  It only took a few moments out of our day, but it gave us a sense of unity and made students who may NEVER sing the National Anthem  actually take a moment and listen to our nation's song.

It seems that this tradition is just another one that is falling prey to diversity, politics, and anti-Americanism.

Interestingly, we upheld our tradition the first week of this new school year.  After the teacher's strike, there was a sudden silence on Fridays.  While we still say The Pledge, the National Anthem and school song were no more.  After observing for a few weeks, I inquired as to why there was this change in our tradition.  The response from the administration was that we would once again be singing our school song. Hmmmm...I further inquired about the National Anthem and the only response I received was a non-response.  Friday came and while The Pledge was said and the school song sung, the National Anthem was not to be heard.  There was, of course, time for Calm Classroom, which is being pushed throughout the Chicago Public Schools.

Now that I knew it wasn't an oversight, I had to bring up the subject one more time hoping to get a straight answer.  When I asked the administration at our faculty meeting why we are no longer singing the National Anthem on Fridays, the response I got was very pithy... because "we don't have time".  And that was that.

It's amazing what the school does have time for - 

75 minutes a week for BREAKFAST
15-20 minutes a week for CALM CLASSROOM A Yoga-based way for children to learn how to be calm.  (I for one am not an advocate of how this is structured.)
125 minutes a week for LUNCH
100 minutes a week for RECESS
60 minutes of GYM
60 minutes of LIBRARY
60 minutes of ART
60 minutes of COMPUTERS
60 minutes of MUSIC

But, the school does not have 2 minutes a week to show children how to be patriotic and to have pride in our country.  Disgusted doesn't even begin to describe how I feel.

Watch this video to hear a moving rendition of 
our National Anthem!


  1. Lisa, you have certainly brought up some excellent points to ponder regarding the school's lack of concern about teaching the children patriotism. Thank you for bringing awareness to the issue. If this is happening in all of the state, it would explain why I rarely see the youth stand up or place their hand on their heart when the flag passes at the fourth of July parade.

  2. I once thought the same, but I recently developed concerns with confusing patriotism with statism. When we see children, from totalitarian government controlled states, reciting praise towards their rulers and government we cringe and call them brain washed. I don't want my children to praise the state, follow the state, or be controlled by the state. Teaching critical thinking, American history, and the values that were instrumental in forming our nation would be more beneficial than reciting a pledge to the Union. Though, perhaps, if we taught those values we would see children questioning the choices and reasons of our past political "leaders" who have past into the above reproach category.

    1. I believe this has a more sinister is the way our current government is pushing towards "globalism" and "anti-Americanism". Where I teach there are many illegals and first generation Americans(coming from Mexico). The school has no problem playing their national anthem for Cinco de Mayo where the students stand with their hands in the military socialist salute. I, for one, leave during that time.

      These children are being taught not to have any respect for our country that is literally giving them entitlement after entitlement, after entitlement.

      This was sent to me this morning out of Pennsylvania. This disease is spreading...

  3. Great post as always Lisa! I just read an alarming story from out my way. At the beginning of every county board meeting they say the Pledge of Allegiance (a very good thing). At a recent meeting a young man stood up during the Pledge and didn't speak. When it finished he mockingly sang "Oh Canada" even though he was a local boy. This total lack of respect is worrisome. I went to the local Veteran's Day festivities and there was a very low turnout. I hope this disturbing trend changes soon.

    Paul R. Hewlett

    1. Thanks for sharing that story Paul. "Disturbing trend" is a mild way to put it and I too hope it changes soon. Unfortunately, I don't think we hit "bottom" yet.