Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Where is the bottom?

I tried to stay away from school news seeing as this is the Christmas season, but I must take today to share the latest nonsense.

The Chicago Board of Education instituted a new discipline (or rather non-discipline) policy this year.  The logic behind this SNAFU is that there were too many detentions and suspensions given out.  So, the powers that be decided that the best remedy to curve negative behavior is to have little to no consequences for ones actions.  

The most common used form of "restorative" behavior is having students fill out a reflection paper.  

Act out in class...fill out a reflection paper.

Walk out of class without permission...fill out a reflection paper.

Get sent to the office for disruptive/defiant behavior...fill out a reflection paper.

Curse out a teacher...$%^&%...write a one line apology that looks like a 2-year old wrote it (no offense to any two year olds).

Have a permanent marker at school...YIKES!...DETENTION!!!!  

Get into a fight during lunch....back to writing a reflection paper.

Three things are happening for sure this year....

1 -Detentions/Suspension are definitely down!

2- Behavior is steadily getting worse!

3- It seems that CPS must have given up on the "going green" phase that they've been in because the amount of paper wasted on "reflection papers" in unbelievable.

I can only imagine what the behavior will look like come Spring!


  1. While it's not a laughing matter, I can't help but chuckle every time I hear the term "reflection paper". All I know is if I was in school and they had this policy, I would feel like I had a get out of jail free pass. No worries at all about misbehaving. Another example of the support function (administrators/managers) of an operation believing they know more than the front line teachers. Sad. How many days until Christmas break?

    Paul R. Hewlett

    1. Believe me, reflection papers are a laughing's that or we'd cry. It's pretty sad when the biggest fear of doing something wrong is that you might get writer's cramp! :)