Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's No Wonder...

I've said for years that the government it doing its best job to teach our nation's children to become  dependent adults.

I recently read an article from the Canada Free Press (click link or scroll to bottom of this post for the full article) and it just made me stop and think again what is done in the school system that continuously promotes an entitlement mentality at the detriment of our country.  

Here are some highlights:

  • FREE breakfast and lunch (and a snack if you are involved in any after school program).
  • Recently added... FREE salad bar at lunch as well. 
  • FREE homework assignment notebook
  • FREE shots/physicals if parents sign a form to have children go to the medical van that comes to our school a couple of times a year
  • FREE dental if parents sign a form for their children to have their teeth cleaned right inside of the building.  (Schools are germ centers just by their very nature, I wouldn't dream of having my teeth cleaned in an empty classroom or office.)
  • FREE can probably guess...parents just sign a form and off they go.  Students get to miss a day of learning to become educated on how to get free stuff.  Some get a "free" pair of glasses every year.
The above items are the FREEbies that go on every year.  Now, in addition to this we've had private places make donations to our school.  Last year, every child...EVERY child (which is over 600) received a free winter jacket from a private company.  If a business wants to make a donation, I think that is wonderful and am grateful for their generosity.  As you can imagine it took a lot of planning and a few days to dole out all of the coats (size being the biggest issue.)  Now imagine parents calling up the school and demanding to know why only some of their children got a free coat on a certain day and then wanting to know when the rest of the kids will get theirs.  One of my favorites was a parent who said she was not getting her child a winter jacket this year because she was waiting for the FREE one from school.

It's no wonder these same students come to school without basic school supplies...a simple pen/pencil and some paper.  This is not just a problem with grade school students either.  I know of high school teachers who tell me juniors and seniors come to school the same way...UNPREPARED.  

The saddest part is that these UNPREPARED, dependent children become UNPREPARED, DEPENDENT, and ENTITLED adults that cannot take care of themselves!


By J.D. Longstreet  Friday, February 15, 2013
I recall a fellow (when I was a lad) who had made a deal with the local schools to pick up the school cafeteria food dumped by the students every day.  Back then, at least, the food from a school cafeteria REALLY sucked!  I mean, it was beyond bad.
But I digress.
The man I referred to above had a trailer behind his pickup truck and on that trailer he had multiple 55 gallon oil drums that he would practically fill to over-flowing every single school day.  This was food the students threw away, wouldn’t eat, didn’t want, and couldn’t stand.  This, uh, “refuse” he fed to his hogs.  He had some of the most well-fed hogs in the county, quite likely the state!
Please note:  This was a few decades before the Obamas and their “healthy food” experiments in our public schools.  If that old fellow was still alive to date, I’d suggest to him that he might want to look into some sort of contract with his local schools to pick their food refuse today.  Problem is, as the food has been described to me—I have serious doubts his hogs would eat it!
Of course, we can expect the enterprising student who will see an opportunity in all this and put himself through college bootlegging candy, chips, soft drinks, and other treats from his backpack, or locker, or the trunk of his car in the school parking lot.  (I am intimately acquainted with a fellow who did exactly that way back in the 1950s.)
If I had children in school today, I would prepare their lunches and send them to school with food they would be sure to eat so their minds and bodies would be working at top efficiency during those critical hours they are supposed to be acquiring knowledge.
What we have here, in my humble estimation, is our “Progressive Overlords” training our kids to accept strong governmental power over them while they are yet young and their minds are malleable to such machinations. (Get ‘em while they are young and you’ve got ‘em forever!)
Come ON, folks!  This is not about food.  This is not about health.  This is about control of the masses.
The paternalistic ruling elite in America have so twisted our public schools—and the mission of our public schools—that they are now nothing more than indoctrination centers and training centers turning out good little Marxists much as some giant cookie cutter machine. 
See, the government figured out long ago that there were at least two institutions upon which they could heap social experiments. One was the US military and the other was—you got it!— our public schools.  The kids have been at their mercy ever since.
This is just another reason to get you kids out of the pubic school system—any way you can.
Look, I don’t think our kids are “fat” so much as a result of what they eat as lack of exercise.  Sitting on one’s backside playing video games is not conducive to a healthy body. That is inarguable.  It just IS.
I am so old I remember when kids actually “played”—OUTSIDE!  They would be running, and jumping, and screaming for pure joy—and not because they were running from perverts or someone was shooting at them.
I can understand how some parents feel their children are safer sitting in their rooms playing games on the computer, texting, or whatever the latest electronic “thingy” is especially in urban areas.  Playgrounds are hunting ground for perverts.  And we have recently seen just how safe our schools are.
Taking all this into consideration, SURELY there is way to serve decent food to our kids in school that they will actually eat and be able to accomplish the goal of learning during those long hours when an agile mind is required.
I must tell you, as an adult, I wouldn’t eat much of the food the kids describe as being among the choices they have.
If I had a hog farm, I’d certainly make an effort to secure some sort of contract to pick up the refuse food from the public schools because there will certainly be overflowing garbage cans.
Oh, and yes, we DID have a word for it back in my day.  It was called “slop.”


  1. Great stuff! You have terrific insight, being on the front lines. I is just saddening to see this happen to our education system. Thanks for sharing & keep up the good work.

    Paul R. Hewlett

    1. Thanks Paul. It's always great hearing from you.

  2. "......running, and jumping and screaming for pure joy - and not because they were running from perverts or someone was shooting at them." Your words sum up the destruction wreaked upon our society in just a few decades. As a child of the 50's, and a student in the Chicago public schools in the 50's and 60's, I well remember those carefree days on the school yard. That the "powers that be" deliberately destroyed, and continue to destroy, the lives of countless children to further their own power literally sickens me. Thank you for fighting the good fight, though I believe we all know it is futile. This will eventually lead to total societal collapse, only then will there be any chance , a slim one at that, of reclaiming what this nation once had.

    1. Thanks for your comments. I still hope it gets better before it gets any worse, but I have a feeling we'll have to hit "bottom" first...whatever that is... before things will improve again.