Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Now they want a miracle...

I thought my head would spin right off today while sitting at a meeting.  We, the teachers, were given many many tasks to complete in a very unreasonable amount of time that deal with the Board of Education's favorite, data, and more data.  Because, being data driven is all the rage these days at the Board. All of a sudden there is a mad push for learning strategies and skills (as if this is something new) because the ISAT tests are to begin March 4th.  (The test date in and of itself is preposterous.  Let's test a student's grade level skills in March when there is still 3 more months left of school to learn.)

Any teacher that is a true educator has been preparing their students, since the first day of school, to be a life learner and not just someone that knows how to pass a standardized test.   But,TODAY, just 4 weeks before the test is to be taken,  we are given data from last spring, this fall, and this winter to analyze and dissect with the direction of coming up with strategies, plans, etc. which "ideally should be in place by Friday".  Again, true teachers have had strategies and plans since the first month of school.

But the thought that one could accomplish in 15 school days what was not accomplished in the first 20 weeks of school is naive to say the least, unless of course, as we were told today...

we are hoping for a miracle!  

Maybe if we allowed prayer in school, there would be a better chance of getting that miracle! 


  1. SAD, but so incredibly on target!

    1. I agree..Thanks for stopping by TomCat.

  2. Great final comment about praying. Very sad. This board members, I don't know. It makes me want to try to be on my local school board to try to combat this nonsense. The best teachers, the ones that REALLY impact student's lives, seem to continually run amok of this people. What does that tell you? I just had a conversation the other day with a friend that has 2 daughters, both have been in this certain teachers class and both loved him. My friend loves him, parents love him, he connects with his students and makes learning fun. It works. Guess what, he is constantly in "trouble" form the powers that be. Nonsense I say. Let teachers teach, quit burdening them with rubbish. Thanks Lisa for posting, sorry about my outburst.

    Paul R. Hewlett

    1. Thanks Paul for stopping by and you do not have to apologize for the outburst. If more people were vocal about these issues our schools would be much better off today.