Monday, March 18, 2013

UPDATE: Is this BS from CPS?

B3 (Barbara Byrd Bennett) just reported on the news that all "welcoming schools", which are those getting the "displaced students" when schools close, will be guaranteed the things they need to have a 21st Century School.  What that means, she said, is "Air conditioning in every classroom" among a long list of other very costly items.  So again, is CPS really in debt or not?  It seems they always have money for what they want.  And what about those plain ol' CPS schools that won't be receiving the "displaced students"...well, obviously they don't need to be brought in to the 21st Century.  While "welcoming schools" are getting promised 21st century air conditioners, the rest of us will have to settle for 20th century box fans.

Read on....

Last Thursday CPS revealed some of their new "safety features" they plan to implement when they close and then merge schools together.  They already know that they will be forcing students who "just don't get along" to coexist on the way to school, throughout the longer school day, and once again on their way home.

Here are some of their new-found tactics:

  • Schools receiving "displaced" students will get one additional security guard and all security personnel will get additional training.  Does this mean security personnel weren't properly trained to begin with, or does this mean that even the powers-that-be know they are increasing the odds of violent behavior?
  • Parents and community VOLUNTEERS are expected to staff Safe Passage routes.  Are these the same parents that do not show up for Parent/Teacher Conferences and quite often take little interest in their child's education?  Are these some of the same parents that are allegedly gang members themselves?
  • A new team will be formed consisting of 20 CPS employees.  They will just have one purpose - focus on the safety needs during this period of change.  Who are these 20 employees?  How are they trained for this position?  Or, is this more bureaucracy at the top?
  • And my reviews will be completed at those schools that will be getting the "displaced" students.  Then cameras, alarm systems, and other screening equipment will be installed as needed.  So, again, are we not so secure now?  What kind of trouble is CPS expecting?
  • And I love how B3 (Barbara  Byrd-Bennett) claims that while ensuring students' safety the quality of education will continue to improve.  

Where are they getting all this money since CPS and the city of Chicago is so broke?

I know as an educator none of this is making me feel more secure especially in light of the fact CPS is claiming that upwards of 36 students in a classroom is still  considered efficient.  Thankfully we now have those longer school days and a longer school year to deal with all of this upcoming chaos!

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  1. Really unbelievable. The inmates are indeed running the asylum. Thanks so much for keeping us all up to date on the ridiculous behavior of the folks in charge. The do not have a clue. I hope you are doing well!

    Paul R. Hewlett

    1. I am definitely counting down 'til Spring Break while the chaos continues!