Wednesday, March 6, 2013

UPDATE...It is that season again in Illinois

One of the hardest things to hear as a teacher is when a student says, "Boy, this test was easy," when you just watched them answer questions incorrectly.  Ouch! That hurts!

Just one more day of torture...I mean testing.
(I think I dislike it more than the kids.)

The season that falls between winter and spring in Illinois is TESTING SEASON.  Upon returning from Christmas vacation, during the first week of January, the most common phrase in the public school system is TEST PREP, TEST PREP,  and more TEST PREP!  While it is against the rules to teach TO the test, there is nothing stopping teachers from doing test preparation.  It's a shame that the powers that be put so much emphasis on the ISAT Test, a test that will soon be considered obsolete.  Weeks and weeks and weeks of real education is put aside when all the while students are getting burnt out with all this test practice.

If the state wants to test the children over what they actually learn in their grade they should let the teachers teach for the whole year!   The only thing that would take any time to grade are the students' writing samples.  The writing portion could be given in April which would give "the experts" two and a half months to grade. And with computerized testing, the rest of the tests could be given in May with results generated immediately.

I'm sure this will never happen.  Far be it for the system to actually think of "the children" in all of their bureaucracy.


  1. Ha, ha, great post. I remember these tests growing up. I think they were called something different, but same thing: get a good night sleep, eat a good breakfast, blah, blah, blah. This is nonsense. Observe the teachers doing what they do best and trust the grades they give. Seems like a simple format for evaluating children's performance right? Too easy for these, hmmmm, I'll be nice here: folks. Thanks for posting, hope you're surviving the snow storm.


    1. Well, I survived the snow, now if I could survive one more day of testing...all will be well.