Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Will Bonus Points make a good parent out of you?

Tomorrow is Report Card Pick-Up at the Regular Track schools and Walgreens has partnered with the Chicago Public Schools to try to bribe the parents into becoming responsible adults. At certain schools only, parents who "take the time" to attend Report Card Pick-Up and  pick up their child's report card will be able to fill out a form to receive 25,000 dollars...No! Not dollars....25,000 Bonus Reward Points for their Walgreen's card.  This cannot be cashed in for money but can be redeemed at the local Walgreens for purchases that value $25.00.

First of all, parents don't need to "take the time" to see how their child is doing in school, it is there obligation to "make the time".

Now, I just might be cynical but most of these families already receive FREE everything in the school system...from their children's meals, to often times, physicals, teeth cleanings, eyeglasses, etc.  What makes CPS believe that dangling 25,000 bonus points in front of a someone is going to get them to become responsible?

Showing up to discuss how your child is doing in school is not going above and beyond the call of's called being a parent in the first place.

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