Monday, May 13, 2013

Apparently $$$ Does Grow On Trees

I would love to know where the perpetual money tree is in the city of Chicago.  
Oh, that's's the taxpayers!

This did not get much attention in the media, but I happened to catch a blurb on Friday.  An additional ONE MILLION DOLLARS from the 2013 budget is going to be spent on CPS children to get FREE eyeglasses. First of all, whose budget?  It did not say in the article.  If it is CPS's budget (which I doubt),  they obviously do not have an extra million dollars to toss around seeing as how they can't even balance their budget. If it's the city's budget (which I suspect) there is definitely no extra money for FREE eyeglasses.  Second of all, if there is any superfluous money in any budget it needs to be put towards the pensions that both the Board of Education and City of Chicago failed to pay for the last umpteen years causing the current "pension crisis" they flaunt in our faces.

Last but not least...I wish the news would get it right. No child is getting FREE it eyeglasses, breakfast, lunch, etc.  The taxpayers are paying through the nose for this while parents have less and less responsibility for their own children.  

Specifically on the eyeglass issue, the waste and abuse is appalling.  In many cases, it's the same children getting FREE glasses season after season.  I would say year after year, but sometimes there are two or three "eyeglass  field trips" in one school year.  I call them field trips because they miss a day of instruction to do this as well.  It's not even as if parents get a voucher and have to take their children to an eye doctor themselves.  No, that would be expecting too much now, wouldn't it?

And, what happens when a child breaks their FREE glasses???  Most of the time, they sit in class squinting  until the next round of FREE comes along.

Eventually, the people of this country will rue the day for allowing the government to be in charge of all aspects of their lives.


  1. Wow, you are right. The fraud, waste, and abuse is astounding. Just like the state of Illinois trying to put the pension contributions on the districts. Maybe they haven't heard of a little thing called the state Constitution. Something needs to be done. Thanks for posting.

    Paul R. Hewlett

    1. Thanks for checking in Paul...and you are right...the powers that be think the state Constitution is just a "little thing".