Friday, June 21, 2013

While the famed Soup Nazi from Seinfeld shouted "NO SOUP FOR YOU!" Mayor Rahmulous is spouting "NO TOILET PAPER FOR YOU!"

I would have thought this a bad joke, but at my last teachers'meeting we were asked to consider putting toilet paper on the students' supply list for next because with these new budget cuts, we are going to need it.

I heard another principal was told they either cut  the toilet paper from the budget or more teachers will get cut.  I almost had to laugh at that one.  If a teacher's salary is the same as the cost of toilet paper, that certainly leaves something to be said about us being overpaid, doesn't it?

CPS wastes thousands if not millions of dollars a year in food alone and they are threatening us with no toilet paper. Seriously?

I usually do not just reprint articles from other sources, but a colleague shared this with me today.  If you haven't seen this yet, you don't want to miss it....It's a great piece from the Chicago Reader.  

Here is an excerpt:
"At the moment, it's not clear what students are supposed to use in the absence of toilet paper (their sleeves, perhaps?), or whether it's part of a larger push by the mayor to train people not to use bathrooms at all during school hours.

Imagine how much money CPS can save if they no longer have to operate bathrooms!"

Just click on the link below for the full article.


  1. Diversion tactic! While the teachers worry about such things as toilet paper, what are the powers-that-be really doing to screw the teachers over?

  2. Wow, All the politicians in Illinois need to go. As an Illinois resident I am tired of this. I wish the people would demand that these laughable politicians fix the pension crisis, the school budgets, the roads, etc. with the money they have and live up to the promises they have made (and ignored) for years, or pack up and go home, because we are voting you out. We could do that, we just need enough people to care. Thanks for posting.

    Paul R. Hewlett