Friday, July 19, 2013

CPS and its newest BS

While thousands of teachers sit by their phones today awaiting news of who will lose their job,

the Chicago Public Schools and Rahm thumb their noses at education once again as they waste $300,000.00 on new lighting in 9 of the schools that they voted to CLOSE!,0,1804998.story

From one side, I'm reading comments on-line today about how it's the greedy teachers' fault and asking how that 17% raise we got after the strike is working for us now.  To clear things up...what we really got from the strike is this:

  • Working 45 minutes longer a day
  • Working 10 more school days a year
  • An evaluation system that assures that management will be able to "thin the herd" any way they like in their schools
  • The wrath of Rahm for the remainder of his days as duh mayor

All this for a RAISE that amounts to about $1.00 more per day (and that's before taxes).  Many teachers are bringing home less money now than they were a few years ago.

Then, of course, the Board of Education is set with its usual's the fault of the pension crisis.  That very same pension crises that they created.  The Board took more pension holidays in the years I've worked for CPS than the Obamas have taken since being in office.

All of this when the truth is...Rahm and his ilk have money for whatever they want.  Don't tell me they didn't know these schools were slated for closing before wasting over a quarter million dollars on new lighting for buildings that will no longer be used.  Give me a break...

Rahm would like nothing more than to dismantle the public schools and he seems to be making a good start.

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