Monday, July 8, 2013

Did your kids get asked to participate in a survey like this?

It was the last few weeks of school and chaos was abound throughout the building, so when this survey was brought to our school, I threw my hands up, turned my nose up, and wanted to throw up, but that was about all I could do at the time. Now that school is finished for the summer, I have time to revisit this and thought I'd share more of what your hard earned tax money is being wasted on.

I wish I kept the cover letter that first went home with the students, but in my frustration, I disposed of it in the circular file where it truly belonged.  Because of some federal program or grant (read your Tax $$$), the Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago in conjunction with the federal government are administering surveys to gather information on the health habits of YOUR children (and not just while they are in school).  This survey will be conducted next year as well as I understand things now.  It was a volunteer survey and  parents had to sign a release form for their child to participate. I am happy to report less than a dozen students at our grade level participated.  Not all grade levels were invited to take the survey either for reasons that were not explained.

The topics on this Survey included:

  • Tobacco Exposure 
  • Wellness Education and Activities
  • Eating and Drinking Habits
  • Supportive School Environment

I thought you would find it interesting as to what kind of questions the students were asked on these topics. If this isn't Big Brother knocking at the classroom door, than I don't know what is.  Below you will see each question with the answer choices.

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I will be watching you!

I certainly didn't need a survey like this when I was a kid.

These are some of the things I remember...

Not only did stores advertise and sell cigarettes, but people were able to smoke INSIDE...yet, I never became a smoker.

I watched TV shows and movies where people smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol...still I never became a smoker or an alcoholic.

I learned to eat healthy from my family...if they cooked it, you ate it...see, your health problems were solved.

I learned how important exercise was too from my family...Go OUTSIDE and play...see how easy that was.

Bullying prevention...that was easy...sticks and stones can break your bones but names will never hurt you.  Okay, we know sometimes your feeling got hurt, but that's when you got to stand up for yourself and fight back unlike what is expected in so many cases today.

 I got exercise in the classroom alright...we exercised our right to learn, to raise our hand, to sit up straight, to be quiet, and to do our homework or we would not only get into trouble at school, our parents would help "exercise" their rights as parents when we got home. 

I got to school by walking either with my mother or grandmother and if the weather was bad we got in the family car and rode to school.

My lunchroom was the classroom and our food choices was your lunch bag and EAT!

Water was supplied by the school by a water fountain.  No fancy plastic bottles and no one had to remind us to drink water when we were thirsty.  It seemed pretty obvious.

I also watched shows like Tom and Jerry, Wile E Coyote and the Road Runner, and The Three Stooges...
It's amazing I was able to survive... 

Oh, that's right,  I was also taught to have a good head on my shoulders, and to think for myself. 

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