Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I learn something new everyday...

today it was the word PRESBYOPIA.  Even though it rhymes with UTOPIA it's meaning couldn't be more different.  

Presbyopia, in laymen terms, basically means...I am truly middle-aged and so are my eyes.  I knew I was middle-aged because gravity continues to pull all things to my middle, but I thought my eyes would be able to escape its effects. Obviously, I was wrong.

I went to the eye doctor in denial...kicking and screaming... after noticing some changes in the last few months.  Some of which include not being able to read that teeny-tiny print on certain labels anymore, having my eyes stay out of focus when I look up at the TV, and the most scary as a teacher was when I mistook a division sign for a subtraction sign.  

I knew I was going to need glasses today when the chart that I was finally able to see clearly at the doctor's office read as follows:

So, I will grin and bear it, and until my reading glasses are ready, I will just enlarge the print on my Kindle one more time.

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  1. Not an eye doctor nor do I play one on TV, but you might want to consider Lasik eye surgery. Specifically what they cal mono vision, where one eye is corrected to see distance objects and the other to see things close up. I know it sounds a little crazy , but after years of wearing glasses, more years with hard contacts and a while back with glasses, I finally had it done 15 years ago. It's basically worked out great. Some depth perception issues when doing real close up work, but other than that I've been entirely pleased.

    Of course I've heard the stories about people who were not at all happy with the results, so do your homework before deciding anything.

    I just think it's great to see clearly the minute you open your eyes in the morning. One downside I can think of is not seeing the wonderfully fuzzy beauty of a lighted Christmas tree anymore, but it sure beats having your glasses fogging up in winter.