Wednesday, August 14, 2013

And more absurdity....

CPS reveals some of their long-term goals by calling for more charter schools in some of the same areas where they just closed schools for "underutilization". They want "next generation" charter schools which would combine traditional teaching with on-line teaching.

In the end, I believe CPS would love for most regular CPS schools to be closed which would lead to teachers losing their jobs which would then lead to hiring new teachers at a much lower salary.  It has been observed that most charter school teachers stay in the system about five years before leaving the charter school or getting out of teaching all together.  In the end, they hire more new teachers - keeping the salaries lower, not having to worry about teachers becoming tenured or sticking around long enough to collect a pension.  

If this goes through...gone will be those long -term dedicated teachers who spend twenty, thirty or thirty-five years in the classroom perfecting their craft to really teach students and help them to learn.

This model is definitely not "for the children".

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