Friday, August 2, 2013

Every day the City of Corruption slaps its citizens in their faces while picking their pockets.

While the taxpayers have to dig deeper and deeper into their pockets to make ends meet, CPS is spending 20 MILLION DOLLARS...on principal training for every single principal in the Chicago Public Schools. Does that mean every CPS principal currently is incompetent?   Because if that's the case, why weren't any of them fired when over 2000 CPS teachers/staff members were recently let go because of extreme budget cuts and having no money.  Wouldn't they be better off hiring new principals at much lower salaries that they can mold into whatever it is that the Board of Ed really wants?

This is a three year, NO-bid contract with a FOR-profit company, Supes Academy,  where the CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett once worked.  I am sure there is no conflict of interest there.  

The claim from the Chicago Board of Education is that principals are the key to a school's success.  I find that quite amusing because when things go awry, it's the teachers, NOT the principals, that are blamed.  Again, how many principals lost their job???

The result of this training will no doubt be more professional development and more teacher in-services.  Read a hilarious first hand account of what really goes on during these meetings at the Marvelous Teacher Musings Blog

To read the full article about this principal training program from ABC NEWS click here...

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  1. Just read today that 200 more CPS lunchroom workers got their pink slips...