Sunday, August 25, 2013

This week should be interesting...

From the reports on the news, the Internet and from people I have spoken to personally that work in various departments in the city (police, fire, etc.), there will be more city workers lining the streets of Chicago for Safe Passage than filling any other function in the city.  Specifically, the fire department was told that the times of operation are actually from 0630 to 1830 each day for three weeks. So, even while the kids are INSIDE the school buildings, city workers are going to be doing work that is not part of their job description.  What a crock! I hope no one has a fire or medical emergency during this time. (Please be mindful of Rahm's schedule and plan your emergencies accordingly, since, as we know, it is all for the children.)

If the thugs and low-lifes of the city are paying attention (and I am sure they are), my guess is they will stay away from the Safe Passage routes for a few weeks and commit their crimes and do their damage on other parts of the city that are much less "supervised and protected".

Let the chaos begin!
Thank you, Rahm

To all city employees who are being forced to take part in this -
Be safe out there!

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