Monday, September 16, 2013

Angry Summer God 1 - CPS 0

UPDATE - Just as suspected...The fall winds arrived over the weekend and so did the air conditioners in my classroom.   I hope they will work when we need them next spring.

Air conditioning seems to be the topic of the school year so far.  In Mayor Rahmulous' master plan, he closed 50 schools this past year, merged all the kids together, and made unbelievable promises to the schools who would be "welcoming" their new found students.  So, all summer, buildings went through upgrades, and renovations (where needed) and air conditioners were put in many of these schools.  (It seems like someone is trying to make a good impression.)

My school did not close, and it is not a welcoming school.  

So imagine my surprise when, at the end of this past school year, I was told air conditioners are coming to our building.  After working in the third floor sauna these last few years, this was great news!  Summer went by very quickly and the end of July and first half of August were picture perfect - we didn't even have to use our air conditioner in our own home.  But, alas, August 19th came around and so did the angry summer god. He wanted his turn to show who was boss and he blew in hot, humid air that just wouldn't leave.  I scoffed at the angry summer god, because I was told that upon returning to school we would have air conditioning!

Silly me - I forgot we live and work in the land of Ram-a-dumb-a-ding-dong.

I showed up the first day and eagerly signed in so I could go upstairs and turn on my new A/C. I was's on its way [sort of like Christmas], but it's not here yet.  The new promise was - the third floor will be the first to receive the A/C units because after all heat rises and this angry summer god is relentless. (The third floor is also the only floor with the required updated electric needed to run the air conditioners.)

The first week of school was filled with meetings and paperwork.  We had no students and we had no air conditioning.  The following week heat and students filled the building, but still no air conditioners - but "they" called and were coming this week.  Teachers and students cheered as they peeled their books away from their sweaty hands.  

These men were going to work nights too in order to "get the job done".  Again, sweat splashed across our smiling faces.  We are going to be treated just like the "welcoming schools".  

Then it happened...upon leaving school I saw them - boxes filled with air conditioners and men to install them.
I could almost feel the sweat begin to dry.  

The next day I walked around the outside of the building and looked up to my third story windows to see the beautiful air conditioner units glinting in the sunlight, but alas they were not there.

In the land of Ram-a-dumb-a-ding-dong, I should know that if it makes sense, it does not get done, but I let the heat and humidity cloud my understanding.

The men putting in the units started installing the A/C on the second floor.   The floor in the building that does NOT have upgraded electric and therefore the units cannot be turned on yet.  (Do you hear it?  The sound of wasted money flying out the windows.)

When asked why the A/C is being installed on the second floor first, this was the reply - I couldn't make this up if I wanted to.

I think it's just too hot to work on the third floor right now.  

(And that's when this happened.)

Really???????  It's too hot for men working at night (when, if I'm not mistaken, the sun is NOT out), but it's not too hot for classrooms filled with students and teachers during the day with the classroom temperature hovering around the 90 degree mark for almost two weeks.

Three weeks have now passed and just yesterday work was started in my classroom.  There are still no A/C units there, but now that fall-like weather has overtaken that angry summer god, I am sure they will be installed soon!

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